Beaches and Beach Chairs on Juist

Longing for summer, sun and relaxing beach days

Bathing on Juist

The absolute vacation feeling

Juist is not even 500 m wide - so you are never far from the beach here. Perfect for long walks on the beach, cozy hours in the beach chair or a great time surfing or bathing in the North Sea (of course only at the excellent bathing beaches and only during the bathing hours - why this is so important can be explained to you by every Juist fan).

Juist is the perfect refuge for your beach vacation at the North Sea. Easy to reach by train and car, your new favorite island, the friendship for life, is located in the middle of the wonderful Wadden Sea and offers you an incredibly wide sandy beach.

You've been dreaming about it since practically your last vacation on Juist. You still feel the sand between your toes and the waves on your skin at home. This is Juist. This is the Juist beach.

There are two guarded beaches on Töwerland: the main beach and the Loogbad, about 2 km to the west.

The main beach

Bathing beaches on Juist

This is Juist as you probably imagine it. Wide beaches, the skyline with TöwerVitalHaus des Kurgastes and Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist behind you, the colorful beach chairs spread out on the white powdered sugar beach. Yes, it can be that beautiful!

The main beach on the island is about 3 km long. The beach exits here are marked with colorful animals, so that even the smallest guests can easily find their way to their beach chair.

But that's not all: on Juist's main beach , small soccer goals, volleyball nets and playgrounds await you in summer. Not that you will get bored during a beach day with fantastic weather!

If you feel even more like playing, having fun and exercising, just make a pilgrimage to the Red Rescue Tower No. 2, which is visible from afar, because there the beach sports and the Children's Animation has its "headquarters". Many different tournaments, courses and competitions await you.

But you are also safe, because there are rescue towers in a row, from which the lifeguards will watch over you during bathing hours.

The Loogbad

Bathing beaches on Juist

The length of the guarded beach in the Loog is just 300 meters. Sounds like little, but in reality it's a lot! Some people say that the Loog has the best waves. You'll have to try it out for yourself. If you have your accomodation in the Loog and want to go to the beach, it's not more than a stone's throw away.

Here, too, there are lifeguards, of course, as well as a playground on the beach and, naturally, the iconic beach chairs. After all, that's all part of the beach experience on Juist!

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Beach chairs on Juist

The classic for the beach day.

Colorfully speckled, they spread across the beach like dots of color on a canvas: the beach chairs belong to the North Sea like ... Yes, the fish on the fish sandwich. On Juist, you'll find the beach chairs along the beach promenade at the level of the main beach, as well as occasionally up to the Loog and then again in the Loogbad.

The beach chairs do not spend the winter on the beach: the danger of a storm tide is too great. But every spring we look forward to it, when the beach is populated with beach chairs again.

In any case, you should spend your beach day in a beach chair or a beach tent, because that way you always have a home on the beach. Even a slightly cooler day can be spent well in a windproof beach chair.

You can find these beach chair rentals on Juist:

©  (c) Kurverwaltung Juist
Loog Beach Chair Hire - Beach Chair Hire Association
©  (c) Pascal Skwara
Strand am Strandaufgang bei den Tennisplätzen
Beach chair rental main pool - Tennis courts
©  (c) Pascal Skwara
Strand am Strandaufgang Herrenpad
Beach Chair Hire Main Bath - Herrenpad
©  CC0
Strand am Strandaufgang Strandstraße
Beach Chair Hire Main Bath - Damenpfad
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©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Beach walks on Juist

The absolute leisure classic on the island!

Right or left? When you're standing on a beach walkway, this is exactly the question you're going to ask yourself: go right or go left . And then just walk. On a flat sandy beach, time seems to stand still if you just walk. And walk. And run. You'll see how much fun it is to trudge through the waves and sand with your bare feet.

If you still want to take in the real Thalasso effect, walk right along the water's edge. There, the aerosols really swirl and the salty air can "flush" your respiratory tract.

Even more Thalasso effect you get with the climatic therapy. Here you can use the beach outside the summer and you will be amazed at how wind, waves and air affect you and your health.

Beach access on Juist

The way to the Juist beach

The beach on the Töwerland is known to be wide and wonderful. And so is the way to the beach! On our 17 km long sandbank, the North Sea nestles up against the beach and the beach in turn nestles up against the dunes. Depending on which beach exit you use, you wind your way through idyllic dune landscapes or over a small mountain. Either way, the way to the beach is never very long! But the moment when you finally get to see the North Sea and the wide beach is worth every wait!

These are the beach accesses on Juist:

©  (c) Kurverwaltung Juist
Beach access at the Otto-Leege-Path
©  (c) Greg Snell
Beach access Warmbadstraße / TöwerVital
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Excellent beach

Grandiose experiences on Juist

We are proud of our beach. We can be too. Honestly. Because, while our conviction that we have the most beautiful beach in the world on our doorstep is certainly not exactly objective, we can also adorn ourselves with real awards:

  • According to NDR (a German radio / TV channel), Juist was the most beautiful North Sea island in 2010, and it certainly still is.
  • and think that Juist beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany.

The North Sea water can also be described as "excellent" without hesitation: On the East Frisian islands, the bathing water is awarded three out of three possible stars, which means that the water is even better than what is classified as good by the EU.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann