Opening Hours of Gastronomy and Retail

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Wonderfully quiet on the island

Gastronomy and retail in winter on Juist

Many islanders go on a long vacation in the winter, visit relatives, are on the mainland and do various errands - all things that are often put on the back burner in a long season. In addition, there are few vacationers on the island in the winter (totally unjustly, in our opinion!) and the few islanders present simply do not make so much turnover that it is worthwhile for all businesses to stay open over the winter. In many rooms renovation is going on, because after all, on the island you are only allowed to do that in the fall and winter.

So it happens that many stores and restaurants offer only limited opening hours. But don't worry: the supermarkets are open, you'll always find a great place to eat, the stores are still open and you won't get bored on the most beautiful sandbank in the world!

Restaurants and cafes on Juist

Delicious food even in winter

A feast for the palate ahead! Even - or especially - in the cold season, it is the highlight of the day when you let yourself be pampered really well. Whether typical East Frisian or cuisine from all over the world: On Juist you will be well taken care of. In winter, however, you have to reckon with shortened opening hours of the restaurants on the island.

By the way: If you don't really want to go out into the cold, because it's just so wonderfully warm in your accommodation ... Ristorante Da Pietro, Tenniscafé 2. Aufschlag and Kannelloni Beach deliver (subject to availability and opening hours). Just call and ask.

Still a little patience, please! We are still so focused on providing you with a great season that the winter opening times have not yet been determined. As soon as we have information, we will be happy to share it with you here!

Stores, boutiques and stores on Juist

Store to your heart's content - even in winter

Such a pretty storefront. On Juist, you'll see the most beautiful little souvenirs, gifts or just exactly the piece of clothing or the product that you wanted to have for a long time: Hurry into the store! On Juist the mood is so relaxed that you simple love to stroll through the stores and get inspired.

We have many lovingly run stores that offer an incredibly wide range of products. Especially now in winter, let yourself be seduced by the chic products and find a perfectly suitable gift for one of your loved ones at home.

There is still a little bit to go: We are just busy to offer you a wonderful season that we have not yet thought about what the opening hours will be in the winter. As soon as we have information, we will let you know here!