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Nature connection with Juist

Wadden Sea, beach and everything in between

©  Lars Wehrmann

Just 17 km long, barely 900 m wide.

So small and yet so varied!

Juist has so much to offer you in such a small area.

You can hardly get enough of all the nature on the island.

You take hundreds of photos to somehow capture the beauty of nature and in the end no picture is ever as captivating as the memory itself.

This natural beauty triggers something in you. It makes you emotional and brooding.

Tidal Juist

That's what makes the magic. This slowness on the island. The play of ebb and flow. Every day it looks a little different here. Sometimes the tideways glisten, then the sea flows incessantly. Juist changes every day, every hour actually. Here, the clocks go differently, according to the tides. So it may well be that only one ferry runs the whole day. That is even the normal case. As an island, we are exposed to the tides. You realize how small a person is compared to the force of the moon and the wind. This realization connects you with nature. You understand what forces are at work here. And you love what these forces cause.

The Töwerland beach

Wide, flat, seemingly endless, fringed by picturesque dunes and the temperamental North Sea: the Juist beach will inspire you. It's the place where you spend so much time, where you feel at home. And it is this beach that protects our little sandbank from the danger of storm surges. Every grain of sand, every blade of dune grass, every seagull and every shell belongs here. You love this peaceful sight. The panorama of beach and sea triggers something in you.

Wonderful Wadden Sea

Preserve and protect: The North Sea has become much cleaner since it was designated a national park. We all do our part to keep the Wadden Sea as wonderful as it is. Birds continue to nest and breed here, taking breaks on their long journeys. As Juist residents, guests and visitors, we have a responsibility to enjoy and protect the unique habitat of the Wadden Sea. Think back to your first mudflat hike. Weren't you absolutely enchanted and fascinated by the vastness, the nature, all the animals you can observe there?

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Where nature is at its best on Juist

The most beautiful nature experiences on Töwerland

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we would never presume to tell you what you should find particularly good. However, if you would like to have a tip or two about a great nature experience on Juist, we will of course be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Our top 13 nature experiences on Juist are:

  1. Listening to the waves and feeling the sand on the beach.
  2. Walking on the mud flats and looking for crabs
  3. Walking past the salt marshes and greeting the horses
  4. Count the ducks at the goldfish pond
  5. Watch the deer at the Otto-Leege-Path
  6. Photograph the nesting seagulls at the Kalfamer
  7. At the Bill look out for seals
  8. Listen to the singing of the oystercatchers on the east dike
  9. Look at the dune landscape and feel relaxation
  10. Walk through the woods and feel like you are somewhere else
  11. On the dike in the village look into the felt infinity
  12. At the Wilhelmshöhe watch the pheasants running around
  13. Walk barefoot along the water's edge

This is how you travel sustainably on Juist:

Spaziergänger auf Juist am Strand ©  Lars Wehrmann

Sustainable Travel

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