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Mudflat Hiking on Juist

Discover the World Heritage Site on a Mudflat Hike!

The Juist Wadden Sea live and in color

Silt, wind and water

The Juist Wadden Sea

Simply absolutely fascinating

The Wadden Sea sets the pace on the island. Only when the water level is high enough can the ferry reach Juist - only then will the mail, guests like you and our food arrive.

The Wadden Sea is a very special place. Multifaceted and full of surprises, the Wadden Sea welcomes you to Juist. Discover this unique landscape during a guided hike. As an official partner of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, the island community (i.e. the people writing for you here) simply have to recommend a mudflat hike to you! During a mudflat hike on Juist you will walk with rubber boots or barefoot through the varied Juist mudflats. You will learn everything about flora and fauna in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where else can you experience and learn about such a unique habitat so closely?

Guided mudflat walks on Juist

An unforgettable experience

Not only in summer, but also in winter, numerous mudflat walks take place on Juist. While you like to go barefoot into the mudflats in the warm months, it is recommended to wear good rubber boots and two pairs of socks in winter. We can't promise sunshine in the cold months, but we can promise a small, cozy setting with lots of great discoveries during our mudflat walks on Juist!

Here you can find the upcoming dates for mudflat walks with us on Juist:

All mudflat walks on Juist

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Long mudflat walk
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easy mudflat walk
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Mudflat hike
Wattwanderung im Juister Watt ©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
Stille im Watt

Mudflat walks on Juist for the whole family

Instructive, entertaining and exciting

It starts early - "Where did the water go?", "Is the water coming back?", "Why don't I see any crabs here?" ...

You should definitely encourage children's curiosity. And if you ask yourself questions about the Wadden Sea from time to time, a mudflat hike with us on Juist is not a bad idea! Whether big or small, as a group or alone: A mudflat hike on Juist is always a great experience!

The mudflat hikes with the team of the National Park House are a super great experience even for the little ones! During these tours, extra care is taken to make the Wadden Sea tangible and understandable for the youngest, the paths are not too long and the routes that are walked are not so deep that you will find your offspring buried up to their noses in the mudflats at the end.

Here you will find the mudflat walks for the whole family:

Mudflat walks for the whole family

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easy mudflat walk
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Mudflat hike
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©  Lars Wehrmann

Mudflat walks with Heino on Juist

Anyone who has been to Juist more often knows him: Heino Behring, who knows the mudflats like the back of his hand, and not just since yesterday. As a mudflat expert and mudflat guide of the special class, Heino leads groups through the Juist Wadden Sea and brings them closer to this very special habitat. A mudflat hike is a real experience. Believe us! The mudflat hikes with Heino on Juist last about three to four hours, depending on the prevailing tide and the group composition. Due to the duration and intensity of the mudflat hikes with Heino, we recommend families with (small) children to take the mudflat hikes with the team of the National Park House.

This is how you experience the Wadden Sea World Heritage on Juist:

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