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Vacation training on the Töwerland

Sporty moments on Juist

The fitness studio at TöwerVital

You might not have expected that on our little island: The Juist gym is absolutely modern and freshly furnished. Almost everything you know from large fitness studios on the mainland, we also have. Sure, it's a bit smaller and cuter here, but at least twice as charming!

So that you can train as flexibly and comfortably as possible, we offer you a wide selection of different rates. Of course, the opening hours also change with the season.

Stay fit even on vacation: Whether you want to do something for your recovery or your general well-being, sports will help you! Of course, the best exercise on Juist is outdoors on the beach, but if you really want to strengthen your muscles with equipment, the gym at TöwerVital on Juist is the right place for you! In the modern gym, many different machines await you for exactly the workout you want to do. So let's get going!

Opening hours of the gym on Juist

Admission prices

If you have already paid your guest fee, your entrance to the gym on Juist will be cheaper. Practical, isn't it? So it makes sense to pay your guest fee as soon as possible after arrival.

Tariff amount amount according to paid guest fee
day ticket 17€ 12€
Weekly ticket 41€ 36€
monthly ticket 85€ 80€
10 ticket 85€ 85€
3 - 11 month ticket (monthly) 65€ 65€
Annual pass Basic (monthly) 49€ 49€
Premium annual pass (monthly) 59€ 59€
Tariffs: What benefits are included?

You know how it is: There are so many different rates that you can easily lose track of what is included where and what is not. In order to offer you the greatest possible flexibility, you can book the following rates with us:

  • Day ticket: 1 x use of the fitness studio within the opening hours
  • Weekly pass: 7 x use of the gym during the week within the opening hours
  • Monthly pass: Use within the month within the opening hours
  • 3 - 11 month card: 24 hours use
  • Basic annual pass: 24 hours of use
  • Premium annual pass: 24 hours use, for new customers one-time individual training session (60 min.) with personal trainer or participation in introductory course, use of swimming pool, reduced sauna admission (1.5 hours for 7.00 €) and full body training in course form included.

Contact the gym

Your direct line to the sauna, swimming pool and fitness studio team at TöwerVital on Juist.

For questions or other concerns, the team is looking forward to your call or message:

Phone: 04935 809 862
E-Mail: meerwassererlebnisbad@juist.de

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Equipment in the gym on Juist

Strength and endurance training at Töwerland

In the fitness studio at TöwerVital you will find a wide selection of different equipment and training methods. So there is something for every demand! We have done our best to make the best use of the available space and to offer you the most relaxed and effective training atmosphere possible.

At our Juist fitness studio you will train in a modern ambience with new, high-quality equipment from the company L+K, all of which was manufactured in Germany.

You will find these machines in the fitness studio on Juist:

  • Free training with free weight area, rack and weight bench.
  • Training with own weight
    • Pull-up bar
    • Dip station
    • Hyperextension 45
    • Leg lifter
    • Abdominal bench
  • Partially guided training - Cablecross: height-adjustable diagonal pulley
  • Guided full body workout for every muscle in your body
  • Cardio training
    • Crosstrainer
    • Treadmill
    • Rowing machine
    • Recumbent bike

Personal Training on Juist

You want to train even more effectively? Well, if the vacations aren't the perfect time for it! Spend a few sporty hours on the floor and feel how your body gets into the shape of its life. At TöwerVital you can also act professionally with a personal trainer and get even more out of your workout!

Personal trainer (by appointment)

  • Individual training session 30 minutes: 40,00 €
  • Individual training session 60 minutes: 70,00 €

To make an appointment for your personal training, please contact the fitness studio team by phone: 04935 809865 or E-Mail: meerwassererlebnisbad@juist.de.

You will find all this in the TöwerVital on Juist:

Schwimmbad auf Juist im TöwerVital ©  Lars Wehrmann

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