Guest Fee on Juist

"Kurtaxe" and TöwerCard on Juist

Your contribution for friendship for life

The Juist guest contribution

For the island and for you!

On Juist, as for example in many other coastal resorts and seaside resorts, you have to pay a guest fee. Well, "have to" is so negative. You get something in return! With the guest contribution we can offer you numerous free and discounted events - even the guarded bathing beaches with lifeguards are financed by the guest contribution. Not to mention the admission to the seawater adventure pool. Of course, that's not all! The guest fee you pay is what makes Juist an island with so much to see and experience.

On Juist, you do not pay the guest fee through the landlords, but directly at the tourist information office. Come to the tourist information, show your return tickets, pay the guest fee quickly and you can enjoy so many benefits!


We are a bit melancholic, so we still often affectionately call it "TöwerCard".

But in fact, the TöwerCard is no longer a material guest card that you have to show in order to use certain services. Everything is done via your departure ticket. If you use a service where we check whether you have paid your guest fee (e.g. when entering the seawater adventure pool), please show your ticket. We will then scan it and see if you have paid your guest fee.

At free events or when swimming at the beach, we do not check whether you have already paid your guest fee. You can leave your departure ticket at home with a clear conscience.

But: Exceptions prove the rule. For example, if you have booked your ferry via the railroad, you will receive a card from us when you arrive on Juist or when you pay your guest fee, which can be read by the scanner when you leave on the ferry.

Guest fee payment on Juist

This is how it works

Unlike in many other places, your guest fee is not automatically collected through your accommodation and also the AG Reederei Norden-Frisia does not handle your guest fee. On Juist, things are a little different. You pay directly to the spa administration, which means that you come by our office, use one of our vending machines or our online store for the guest contribution.

A little side note:

Currently, you can only pay the guest fee online and at the vending machine if you have your round-trip ticket with Reederei Frisia. If you do not have a return trip on a ticket, you come to the Tourist Information and pay your guest fee with us.

Online payment of the guest fee

If you have booked your round trip with the island ferry and/or the Inselexpress of the AG Reederei Norden-Frisia on one ticket per traveling person, you can easily pay your guest fee online. To do this, scan the QR code of your ticket or enter the ticket number and register or log in, agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions and pay by credit card. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Now you don't have to do anything, because when you leave, the scanners will automatically recognize that you have already paid your guest fee.

Please note that you can currently only pay your guest fee online with a credit card.


Payment of the guest fee at the vending machines

At the town hall and at the harbor there is a guest fee machine waiting for you. You can use this machine if you have a ticket from the island ferry or the Inselexpress of the AG Reederei Norden-Frisia, on which both your outward and return journey are noted. At the guest fee machine you scan the QR codes of all tickets you want to pay for.

The guest fee machines only accept payments with German EC cards.

The guest contribution machines are accessible and open for you around the clock.


Guest fee payment in the tourist information offices

The staff at the tourist information offices on Juist will be happy to help you pay your guest contribution. Please have your arrival and departure tickets ready. The confirmation that you have paid your guest contribution is usually noted directly on the QR code. By the way: You cannot pay your guest fee if you do not have a departure ticket. Please keep your receipt until you are back on the mainland.

TIP: Mondays are usually very crowded during the season and you will have to wait longer. Just go to one of the tourist information offices on another day and pay the guest fee.

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Your advantages

Why a guest contribution?

"And what do I get for my guest contribution?", you might be asking yourself now. Quite a lot! The guest contribution is the basis for many services on the island. In fact, we are only allowed to use the guest contribution for services that are received by you as a guest and that enhance your vacation with us.

By charging a guest contribution on Juist, we can offer you these services, for example:

  • Free or discounted admission to the seawater adventure pool
  • Year-round free events in the Haus des Kurgastes and on the Kurplatz (e.g. Töwerland concerts, children's university "Sustainable Living", Juister Maizeit, various concerts and cabaret performances)
  • A wide range of free beach sports and children's entertainment events
  • Free vacation magazine about Juist
  • Free or discounted rental of board games and sports equipment (e.g. Nordic walking sticks or beach volleyball)
  • Lifeguards on the beach from May to October

Guest fee tariffs on Juist

What do I have to pay?

The guest fee rates on Juist distinguish between high and low season as well as between different age groups. Of course, we also offer you the perfect overview.

Other tariffs and exemptions

The guest fee on Juist

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Not everyone or every adult automatically pays the full guest fee. For example, if you come to work on the island, you don't have to pay anything. If you are visiting close relatives, no guest fee is charged. There are also other reasons why you do not have to pay a guest fee.

All info about the guest contribution on Juist:

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