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Thalasso Offers on Juist

Soothing Massages, Healing Treatments and so much more!

Thalasso on Juist

Gentle relaxation, soothing deceleration

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No matter how old or young you are, sometimes there are just those days or phases when your body doesn't quite feel as good as usually. And sometimes the mind follows right behind and your mood sinks.

Do you know what helps? A time-out at the North Sea, preferably directly with soothing Thalasso treatments.

Arrive at the sea, ready for a vacation. You immediately notice how much a trip to the beach benefits you. You feel the positive effects on your condition and your health directly. And now imagine how good you'll feel when you treat yourself to a soothing thalassotherapy treatment !

Thalasso offers in the TöwerVital on Juist

Treatments with sea water, sea air and algae

"What can you expect during a Thalasso treatment?": You may be asking yourself that now. And rightly so. Thalassotherapy treatments can take many different forms. The important thing is that the power of the sea is used to offer you a beneficial treatment.

Popular Thalasso treatments here on Juist include nourishing algae peelings, sea salt body wraps, soothing seawater tub baths, deep-cleansing brush massages with salts, or inhalations.

Here you can find all Thalasso treatments at TöwerVital:

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Wellness and Health
Thalasso Treatment "Sea Mud Body Wrap
Patient in oxigen mask ©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist
Wellness and Health
Seawater inhalation
Cozy SPA setting ready for massage with the natural brush and oi ©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist
Wellness and Health
Thalasso Treatment "Thalasso Brush Massage"
©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist
Wellness and Health
Thalasso bath with additives
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More Thalasso offers on Juist

Thalasso certified providers

Of course, it's not just our experts at TöwerVital who can perform thalassotherapy treatments. Duriing the course of the certification of the North Sea island of Juist as a thalasso location, some hotels have also been officially distinguished. In these establishments, you can expect a high standard of Thalasso treatments that will fully relax you and ensure your sense of well-being.

The following hotels on Juist are certified as Thalasso establishments:

Thalasso establishments

©  CC BY-ND Zauberbrunnen im Bio-Hotel Haus AnNatur, Fotogrfie W.Pfisterer
Dellertstraße 14
Magic Fountain Massage Practice at the BIO-Hotel Haus AnNatur
©  CC BY-ND Hotel Pabst
Strandstraße 15 - 16
TÖWERBAD - Wellness at the Hotel Pabst
©  CC BY-NC-ND Hotel Atlantic Juist
Wilhelmstrasse 13
Thalasso im Hotel Atlantic Juist

This is how you experience Thalasso on Juist:

Thalasso-Therapie auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Thalasso Therapy

✓ Thalasso's applications and healing power ✓ Aerosoles ✓ Stimulating climate ✓ Sea breeze ✓ Wind → Get informed about thalasso therapy and natural elements from the sea

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Thalassowege auf Juist - Blick auf den Strand und die Dünen auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Thalasso Walks

✓ Walks ✓ Stimulating climate ✓ Boosting your health ✓ Relaxing and recreational → Discover truly fresh air on Juist's Thalasso walks

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