Thalasso Paths on Juist

Walking for Good Health

Thalasso paths on Juist

Getting back in tune with the power of nature

The Thalasso trails on Juist lead you across the island, along the beach and the mudflats, through the picturesque island center and past the Töwerland dunes. Take a deep breath of the lovely aerosols and enjoy the panoramic views.

As you stroll along the Thalasso trails, a deep sense of relaxation will set in. Enjoy the feeling of stress falling off your shoulders and follow the signposts across the island. On Juist, three Thalasso spa trails await you, specially created to help you do something good for your health.

These three thalassotherapy trails await you on Juist:

  • Thalasso circuit through the village
  • Thalasso path to the pier (barrier-free)
  • Thalasso circuit at the bathing beach

Here you can find the thalasso trails on Juist with all information and directions:

Thalasso trails

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Thalasso circuit bathing beach
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Breathe in, breathe out, relax:

Thalasso paths along the water

The taste of salt on your tongue, wind tousled hair, sun. That's what a walk on the beach at the surf zone on the 17 km long beach of Juist feels like. Here, the waves crash onto the beach, creating aerosols. These fine droplets of salt water cleanse your respiratory tract. Of course, they are also extremely healthy, because (depending on the size of the aerosols) they penetrate right into your lungs. And all this with the pure power of nature ... thanks to sea and air

The Thalasso trails allow you to switch from exercise to relaxation, you notice the healing influence of climate and weather on your body. And why exactly are the Thalasso trails so good for your health?

  • Exercise in the fresh air is good for your body. Regardless of your age and state of health, exercise is exactly the factor that will keep you fit in the long run.
  • In the surf zone you breathe in the most maritime aerosol - Whereas on such a narrow island like Juist exactly this aerosol is actually noticeable everywhere.
  • Directly at the edge of the sea, the air is extremely pure and therefore also super suitable for allergy sufferers or people with respiratory problems.
  • A walk on the beach does not challenge the joints and muscles as much as, for example, solid ground.

This is how you experience Thalasso on Juist:

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