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The most famous sights on Juist

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Juist may be a deceleration island, but that doesn't mean you have to be bored. On the contrary!

The Töwerland has numerous exciting sights and much worth seeing to offer.

Historical places, places to enjoy nature, art, culture and much more await you.

Nevertheless, sightseeing on Juist does not "stress" you out as it might on the mainland. Of course you want to see and experience as much of the island as possible, but you don't have a mile-long list of sights on Juist that you have to "work off". Instead, you'll enjoy the time you have here to really appreciate even the smallest sights.

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Old train station
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Old warm bath
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House Siebje
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Spa Square

All sights on Juist

Whether historical, cultural or natural

Juist has a lot to offer without any question. You can look forward to the sea marker built in the harbor in 2008, to the old islanders' house on Janusplatz, to pure nature!

We could give you a lecture about everything you can and should see on Juist, but then we would have to type our fingers to the bone. Just believe us that the small island of Juist has so much to offer! Culturally and historically, you can walk in the footsteps of the past and feel how it must have been here once.

You will find all these sights on Juist:

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The top 13 sights on Juist

What you must have seen

We think that you simply must have seen a few things on Juist. Not  "must" in the sense of "required to", but "we think that these sights really complete your vacation with us on Juist". Sure, Juist is a real deceleration island and the nature here is the absolute highlight, but we still have a lot of sights to offer.

These are the top 13 sights on Juist:

  1. The sea mark in the harbor - the pure Juist moment.
  2. The water tower - called "Doornkatbuddel"
  3. The beach promenade - wonderful for walks
  4. The wide sandy beach - colorful in summer with beach chairs and tents
  5. The fascinating Wadden Sea - nature moments for all
  6. The enchanted forest - ideal for those seeking peace and quiet
  7. The Hammersee - the largest freshwater lake of the East Frisian Islands
  8. The huge Bill Reef, which we also like to call "the Bill" - the butt cheek of the island, so to speak.
  9. The Kalfamer ("calf meadow") - the youngest part of the island
  10. The Otto-Leege-Path - with wind harp, sound bowl and viewing platforms
  11. The airfield in the west of the island - great for plane spotters
  12. The Januspark - the green lung of our village
  13. The Siebje house - the old island house
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Water tower
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Island Museum

You should know all about Juist:

Zwei Personen auf einer Bank am Strand auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Weather and Tide

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