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Events on Juist

When you get off the ferry and start your way to your accommodation, suitcase in hand, you can already hear the first sounds, the applause of the audience, then you come to the "Kurplatz" and see it: A lively atmosphere, children dancing, people singing along. So you stop for a moment and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Well, that's more or less how you can imagine our events. When the sun is shining, Juist fans celebrate exuberantly on the "Kurplatz", at the beach bar or simply directly in the streets. When the weather is not so good (it's unimaginable that the sun doesn't shine here on the North Sea coast *sarcasm off*), numerous concerts, cabaret evenings and workshops take place in the Haus des Kurgastes with the best view of the Wadden Sea and / or the beach.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Then let's go to one of our events. Promised, you will have a good time!

©  Lars Wehrmann

All events.

Juist, the eventful North Sea island.

Events, concerts, workshops, cabaret, comedy, discussions ... All this and much more! Take a look at our calendar of events and you will be looking forward to your vacation with us!

Of course you can find all events on Juist in the monthly magazine "De Strandlooper" (from Easter until the end of the autumn vacations) with many other island tips and information about the Töwerland.

Highlights as far as the eye can see.

Our event tips.

For children, for adults, for concert fans, for thriller lovers ... It is not easy to choose our highlights among the events on Juist, because there are simply too many great experiences on the most beautiful sandbank in the world!

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For the next generation.

Fun and games and joy.

Juist is not only for those who are looking for peace and quiet. Also the offspring in all ages will come here enthusiastically! 

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Even more info.

Guided tours of the Töwerland.

Sustainable Juist, Juist in olden times, Juist for locals, natural history tours of the island ... Your second home has quite a few different facets. Experience the island from different perspectives on our exciting guided tours for guests.

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Creative minds, pay attention!

Your creative refuge.

Let's get creative together! On Juist, you'll enjoy numerous art exhibitions and many different courses if you want to get creative yourself. What are you waiting for?

So many special experiences on Juist:

Konzert auf dem Kurplatz auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Event Calendar

✓ Concerts ✓ Workshops ✓ Events ✓ Guided tours ✓ Mud flat tours ✓ Exhibitions ✓ Much more great events on Juist → Discover all these events on Juist!

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Programm für Kinder und Jugendliche auf Juist am Strand ©  Lars Wehrmann

Children and Teens

✓ Be creative ✓ Meet-ups ✓ Dance ✓ Sports ✓ Championships → Discover courses and programmes for children and teens on the Island of Juist

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Strandzelt auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Guided Tours

✓ Cultural guided tours ✓ Historical guided tours ✓ Guided tours with a sustaiable focus on the Island of Juist → Get informed now to discover another side of the island!

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Ausflug auf Juist mit der ganzen Familie ©  Lars Wehrmann


✓ Change of perspective ✓ Interesting outings ✓ Various themes and modes of transport → Learn all about another side of Juist on excursions.

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