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Wellness Island Juist.

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"Increase mental or spiritual well-being".

Wellness in theory

At least that's what the definition says. But we think wellness is a feeling that is not so easy to describe. After a massage, you feel the stress release from your muscles. After a refreshing treatment, you feel new strength in your bones. After a session of yoga or QiGong, you'll feel peace of mind begin to set in.

Wellness treatments aim to see body and mind in interaction, because your mood affects your body and your physical condition in turn affects your moods. If you give yourself over to the idea of wellness, take your time and be mindful of yourself, if you strive for balance and purification, then wellness treatments on Juist will enrich you.

Wellness on Juist

Simply deadly relaxing!

The heavenly peace, the distance from everyday life, the delicious and healthy food: All this helps your well-being with us on Juist on the jump. But wellness on Töwerland is even more. Wellness is that feeling of being relaxed that comes when you come to the island. Wellness is that abstract, vague feeling of relaxation and "I'm fine" that is hard to put into words - wellbeing, that is!

Here on the most beautiful sandbank in the world, wellness is very simple: the time of your appointment with one of the wellness providers on Juist is approaching and you get on your bike. As soon as you set off, you're there without any traffic jams. You enter a heavenly world of well-being and pleasure. And you come out wonderfully relaxed!

©  Pascal Skwara
©  Pascal Skwara
©  Pascal Skwara

Frequently asked questions about wellness on Juist

Actually, the word "wellness" means as much as well-being or feeling good. In fact, however, wellness means more, namely a holistic concept with health and well-being. Wellness includes various treatments, applications and treatments such as massages, wraps, baths or peelings. All of them have the goal of gently making the body healthier and healing.

Among the best known and most popular wellness treatments are:

  • massages, e.g. back or aromatic oil massages
  • Baths with various additives
  • Treatments, e.g. salt packs or heat applications

There are numerous traditional wellness treatments, but new focus themes are also being created all the time.

Wellness and S.P.A. are two different "things". In general, wellness is the holistic, health-focused way of thinking or services and treatments, while S.P.A. is the place where different treatments are offered. According to some definitions, S.P.A. is more about cosmetic, rather than medical, treatments. Different definitions look at it in various ways, but basically you can summarize that wellness has a holistic medical approach and S.P.A. is focused on cosmetic issues.

Your wellness vacation on Juist:

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