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Family Vacation on Juist

The friendship for life at any age

Family vacation on Juist

Explore the North Sea with the whole family

Who doesn't want to enjoy stress-free relaxation on a family vacation? Sure, everyone! On Töwerland you are exactly right for that! The narrow but long island is perfect for families. We offer you the possibility to experience a lot in nature and of course with each other. But naturally you don't have to. If you prefer, you spend relaxing, quiet time on our island. Just the way you like it. And that's the great thing about it!

On Juist you and your whole family are ...

  • safe: There are no cars and the island is clearly arranged. So your children can go to the bakery or to the beach on their own at an early age.
  • surrounded by experiences: We offer you numerous events for children and for the whole family. Also the nature offers itself for varied walks.
  • at home: You know the surroundings like the back of your hand from previous vacations. Or get to know it quickly, because here on Juist you will quickly find your way around.
  • relaxed: While your children play and romp on the wide beach, you have the complete overview directly from your beach chair. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?
  • protected: Our lifeguards take good care of you during official bathing hours at the main beach. Nevertheless, please never let your children go to or into the water unsupervised.
  • welcome: We look forward to seeing you!

Journey to Juist with the whole family

Easy as pie by train or car and then by ferry or plane

Off we go on vacation! Everyone's anticipation is rising. The suitcases are packed. In the morning, everyone is dressed and ready unusually quickly because finally - finally Juist is within reach! Only a few small things separate you from your well-deserved vacation with the whole family on Juist!

Journey to Norddeich with the whole family

First you make your way to Norddeich with your family.

We recommend that you travel by train for a relaxed start to your vacation. Of course, it is also more climate-friendly than by car! This saves you the search for a parking space and being stuck in traffic jams. If possible, book a seat in the family compartment. Bring a few games along for the ride. Cards, for example, can be played in many different ways - and, if we may be so bold as to comment, you don't play that often anymore. That makes the trip twice as worthwhile! Please plan enough time in case the train should be delayed. Since the ferries to Juist are tide dependent, they can't wait for you if your arrival is delayed.

If you do go to Norddeich by car, at least the driver can't play along. Or you decide to play a game like "I see something you don't see". That's always a possibility. Please allow enough time to unload your family's luggage and sort it into the suitcase containers. It's best to drive directly to the Juist terminal first, unload your luggage there, and then drive to one of the island parking lots near the ferry later. This will save you a lot of lugging and carrying. Also, don't forget that there can be traffic jams on the road.

A small tip on the side: In the Juist terminal in Norddeich there is a small play corner and good WLAN to watch a few videos.

Journey across the Wadden Sea with the whole family

Now the exciting part begins!


Family journey with the island ferry to Juist

From Norddeich-Mole you travel relaxed with the island ferry across the Wadden Sea. The trip usually takes about 90 minutes and offers many great views. Be sure to keep an eye out for seals on the Kalfamer and Norderney ferries on the horizon. Especially on the sun deck, keep an eye on the seagulls and count the birch trees at the edge of the fairway. In bad weather you make yourselves comfortable below deck. On some island ferries you will find a small area for the children to play and romp. A changing table is also part of the standard equipment. Special children's meals are also offered to your offspring on board the island ferries. As you can see, there's a lot to discover and experience, so the 90 minutes go by quickly!


Family travel with the fast ferry to Juist

Alternatively, you can take one of the fast ferries across the Wadden Sea. The trips with the Töwerland-Express start at the Osthafen / Yachthafen in Norddeich-Mole, the trips with the Inselexpress to Juist arrive and depart at the ferry bridge right next to the Norderney terminal. Your offspring will get reduced prices. The trip takes about 25 to 45 minutes, depending on wind and weather, and is a real experience for the whole family! Please note that due to the small size of the ships, there is only limited space for strollers or similar. If necessary, contact the shipping company after your booking.


Family travel to Juist by plane

You and your family can also reach Juist comfortably by air. You travel to the airport Norden. There you board the small plane with everyone and the adventure begins. From the air you will see unbelievably beautiful sights. Please note that due to the small size of the island planes, you can only take a limited amount of luggage with you. This means that oversized luggage and baby carriages or similar must be registered in advance. Please check the luggage regulations of the island airlines in advance.

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©  Lars Wehrmann

Accommodation for the whole family on Juist

The perfect accommodation for all with child and children


A little more space, a little more service and a little more freedom: Some of the accommodations on Juist are especially suitable for families. For example, cribs, high chairs, games, DVDs and similar items are provided (subject to availability).

We have compiled all accommodations on Juist that are especially suitable for your family vacation:

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©  Lars Wehrmann

Offers and services for the whole family on Juist

Family games paradise Töwerland

Children's laughter and children's cheering: if these are not two of the most beautiful sounds ever. And you do hear them quite a lot on Juist! For families it's all great on Töwerland - honestly! So many places to go and so many services for you and your family. And the best? Through your guest contribution, most of these offers are available to you at no additional cost.

Events for the whole family

Juist - that's where every moment with your family is especially relaxing and beneficial. Juist - that's where you finally have time to surround yourself with your loved ones. Of course, you have all the time in the world and 17 km of space to spend with each other. But if you are looking for more action and program, you are right at our events for the whole family. Here you can find a list of all events for young and old:

©  (c) HUF Juist
Pony-Reiten "Pony-Piraten"
©  CC BY Inseltouristik / Cassen Tours
Day trip to Borkum
©  (c) HUF Juist
Pony riding "Pünktchen-Pioniere"
©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
Ranger consultation hour - What I always wanted to ask the National Park Ranger
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©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

"Points of contact" for the whole family on Juist

Small and big moments for big and small

What would a family vacation on the most beautiful sandbank in the world be without any experiences and places that make your heart beat faster? On Juist you will find some highlights that you simply must have seen and experienced when you are on the island with your family.

Shuttle Pond

An absolute must for small and large boat builders and all those who want to become one: Around five o'clock, when the sun is slowly setting and before getting ready for dinner, the boat friends meet at the ship pond on the "Kurplatz". Motorized boats whir across the water, sailboats dance over the waves and curious children's eyes follow the spectacle. If you don't have a boat to sail yet, you're sure to find one at Schmidt am Kurplatz Spielwaren!

Swimming pool

Even rainy days are fun on Juist! When the sky is gray and overcast, you'll probably feel sad that you can't enjoy nature as much. But don't worry! The seawater adventure pool is perfect for you and your whole family: Let yourself drift, enjoy the massage of the whirlpool loungers, look out the windows at the rainy surroundings and be happy that you're indoors! Meanwhile, your kids splash around in the baby pool, the kiddie pool or slide. But watch out for Oscar! What, you don't know Oscar yet? Then keep a good lookout when you're in the pool.

The beach on Juist

Probably the most beautiful sandbox in the world. 17 km of beach await you virtually on your doorstep. Perfect for building sand castles, swimming, splashing, playing ball and, and, and! Wonderfully warm summer days await you. Rent a beach chair and always have a "beach home". Here you meet each other, your children always know which beach chair to come to when they are looking for you.

The playgrounds on Juist

From the little kids to the bigger kids: Somehow, everyone loves playgrounds, don't they? Slides, swings, playing: That exerts a certain fascination on us. On Juist you will find these playgrounds:

©  (c) Kurverwaltung Juist
Rocking ship at the lighthouse
©  (c) Copyright 2012, Kurverwaltung Juist
Small children's playground
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Children's playrooms

"Haus des Kurgastes" and Loogster Hus

Just as a little stopover or as an almost day-filling activity: In the children's playrooms in the Haus des Kurgastes on the dune in the village and in the Loogster Hus in the middle of the Loog, no child will be bored. Numerous games and activities await you and your children there. Just go there yourself, look around and let yourself be convinced!

National Park House

Have you ever seen a whale skeleton? If not, then you should definitely meet Waltraud. In the National Park House, not only our stranded whale Waltraud has found a loving home: The small but nice exhibition in the National Park House on Juist enchants big and small visitors. It is about nature conservation and Juist, two things that are important to you. Of course, the team of the National Park House also offers you exciting mudflat hikes and guided walks across the island. This way you can experience first hand how the Töwerland is constantly changing and what is especially important for the animals and plants here.

Here you can find an overview of the National Park House on Juist and the events offered by the team for the whole family:

Island Museum

So many stories await you! From whimsical anecdotes, to fascinating fairy tales, to exciting legends. In the island museum you will experience the epochs of Juist. The small museum of local history offers a place where you can indulge your curiosity and thirst for knowledge together with your family. For young and old explorers, there are countless corners of history that will amaze you and your family. So you see: the island museum is not just for rainy days!

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Bad weather tips for families on Juist

After all, it can't always be sunny!

You may think that Juist is an outdoor island after all. To experience nature, you have to be out and about. That's true. What is also true, however, is that we have bad weather on the North Sea coast every now and then. Most of the time it doesn't last long and the wind pushes rain clouds nimbly elsewhere, but we can't make you any promises.

When the weather is so-so, the old adage applies, "There's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothes!" With a dependable Frisian mink, rainproof shoes, and rain pants, you'll be well-packed for a little rain and perfectly able to enjoy Juist's great outdoors.

However, if the weather is so nasty that you don't want to go out at all, we of course have a few bad weather tips up our sleeves for you. These are our top 9 tips for bad weather on Juist:

  1. Go swimming in the seawater adventure pool at TöwerVital in the most pleasant warmth. Slide to your heart's content and escape Oskar!
  2. Join in the children's entertainment and get to know other kids at varied games and cool courses.
  3. Satisfy your curiosity in the exhibition of the National Park House and learn everything about the Juist animals and plants.
  4. Play to your heart's content in the games room in the Haus des Kurgastes and/or in the Loogster Hus.
  5. Spend exciting hours in the island museum. Learn all about the crazy stories that have taken place on the island.
  6. Off to the Juist cinema: When it's really nasty outside, the traditional cinema on Töwerland is the perfect place to watch movies.
  7. Borrow games for the perfect afternoon of gaming from the tourist information office in the town hall (free of charge as part of the guest fee) and play wrapped up in your accommodation with your family.
  8. Come by for a game of table tennis, foosball or pool at the Haus des Kurgastes. There's extra time for it during your vacation.
  9. And don't forget to drop by our indoor events. After all, we offer you a wide program of various events.

Packing list for the family vacation on Juist

Have you thought of everything?

What to bring for your family vacation on Juist:

  • Rain jacket (the traditional Frisian mink in bright yellow is especially recommended here): Well, it rains on Juist, too. A lot. And often. North Sea weather.
  • Rain pants: There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!
  • Rubber boots: For the cold feet during a mudflat hike (but if your suitcase is bursting at the seams, you can also borrow rubber boots for a family mudflat hike from the National Park House - while stocks last!)
  • Thick sweaters (preferably with Juist cover): It can get cold on the island.
  • Sunscreen: The North Sea sun is reflected by the water and nobody needs sunburn on vacation!
  • Sunglasses: At the latest when cycling against the sun you are glad to have sunglasses with you. Believe us.
  • Swimming trunks, bikini or swimsuit: Do we really have to explain anything?
  • Beach towels: the bigger and the more, the better. Not all accommodations like it when you take their towels to the beach.
  • Play boat: A boat for the ship pond to sail is part of the family vacation on Juist. If you don't have one, it's not so bad, because you can buy wonderful ones here.

You can safely leave that at home during your family vacation on Juist:

  • Baby food and diapers: We have very well-stocked stores. Here you can find almost everything. But - If your child consumes special food, please bring an appropriate supply.
  • Beach games: If you have paid your guest fee, you can borrow numerous games for the whole family free of charge at the tourist information office in the town hall.
  • Beach shell: Much more iconic is the beach chair or a beach tent.

Tips for vacation with baby on Juist

The first family vacation awaits you!

All suitcases packed? Well then! If this is your first time traveling on a family vacation with your own family, there are a point or two to watch out for before you go and while you're on the island.

These are the tips we can give you along the way:

  • Especially babies should not be exposed to the sun for too long. Their skin is still very sensitive and it is recommended to always leave your baby in the shade.
  • The sea water on Juist is usually quite cold, even in summer. Therefore, you should only let your baby in the water for a very short time, if at all.
  • After the North Sea bath, it is best to rinse your baby well with fresh water so that the salt on the skin does not cause tension or itching.
  • Your baby should not be exposed to the sun. Please always apply sunscreen to your baby. Sunscreen specifically for babies, long clothing, a hat, and staying in the shade are always recommended.
  • Bottle babies have a higher need for fluids at the North Sea due to the sun and the stimulating climate. So don't forget to give your baby more liquid meals.

Because you might need it after all: Here you can find all the info about our doctors, pharmacy and physiotherapy, as well as diapering options for your baby:

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©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Even more tips for your vacation

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