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Restaurants on Juist

The full range

Indulgence is certainly not neglected on Juist. From early to late, from healthy to not so healthy, but tantalizingly delicious.

Here you will find all restaurants, fast food restaurants, snack bars and other places that offer you tasty dishes and delicious moments of pleasure:

Fast food restaurants and snack bars on Juist

Magically delicious!

Sometimes hunger is a bit urgent. We get it: On Juist you are so much and so gladly moving a lot, always in action, the stimulating climate has its effect on you, while you circumnavigate the island - Well, there you'll have an appetite soon. And what would a vacation be without sinful indulgence? Exactly, not even half as good! Here on Juist, you'll find delicious fast-food restaurants, varied and international snack bars and whatever else they're called.

Here you go, here is a list of all fast food restaurants and snack bars for you:

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Juist international

A lot of good food on Juist

From East Frisian dishes to various insider tips from all over the world: On Juist, every restaurant has a very special selection to offer. All dishes are lovingly selected and prepared for you. Look forward to precious moments of pleasure in the most beautiful surroundings, to new tastes and culinary journeys through the world.

From tapas, to pizza, to stews, currywurst, bowls, salads, matjes, fish rolls and hamburgers, you are guaranteed to find your new favorite food on Juist! The fact that you can enjoy these tastes with a great view, in a relaxed atmosphere and on the most beautiful sandbank in the world, makes the whole experience even better! Yes, experience, because - for us - food is not only to quell your hunger, but so that each and every one of your taste buds shouts "Hooray!".

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

What else is there on the island of Juist?

Teekanne mit ostfriesischem Rosenmuster auf einem Stövchen in einem Teehaus auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Cafes and Tea Houses

✓ Traditional "Ostfriesen-Tee" ✓ Delicious coffee ✓ Tasty ice cream ✓ Homemade cakes ✓ RElaxed breaks → Get informed about the cafes and tea houses on Juist

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Paar beim Anstoßen bei in einer Bar auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann


Learn all there is to know about Juist's nightlife → ✓ Experience the sunset ✓ Celebtrate all throughout the night ✓ Let the day end in the most beautiful atmosphere

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