Autumn and Winter on Juist

Gray days at the North Sea?

Juist is worth a visit at any time of the year!

©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist

"Yuck, going to the North Sea in the winter - no way!" You might think that. But you're absolutely wrong! Juist is worth a visit at any time of the year! Maybe even more so in winter than in summer, but that's something every Juist fan decides for themselves.

While in summer the beach invites you to long walks, adventurous beach days and exciting swimming in the North Sea, in winter the Töwerland Juist offers a perfect backdrop to enjoy the peace and quiet.


You're wrapped in a thick jacket, weatherproof underpants with long ski bottoms, hat, scarf, gloves and warm shoes. Then you leave your wonderful, warm, cozy shelter and trudge through the wind. Every step is twice as strenuous as in summer, but in return you'll be treated to idyllic, empty beaches, incredibly beautiful winter sky views and simply breathtaking nature.

Well, yes, Juist in winter is absolutely worth a trip!

Tips for the winter on Juist

Enjoy North Sea climate even away from summer

©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist

We know the island in season and love it in every season. Yes, at any time, because even the uncomfortable winter has its very own magic on the most beautiful sandbank in the world.

Our tips for winter vacations on Juist:

  • Enjoy the wide sandy beach, which you often have all to yourself in winter.
  • Walk along the water's edge. Walk through the enchanted fairytale forest. Watch out for curious seagulls.
  • Marvel from inside the warm TöwerVital at the ever-changing Juist nature, which shows completely new sides in winter.
  • Look forward to delicious waffles and warming East Frisian tea.
  • Use the time to concentrate on the moment and yourself.
  • Feel the distance to everyday stress.
  • Listen to the silence, the wind, the waves and the seagull calls.
  • Get to know the UNESCO World Heritage Site in a different way during a wintry mudflat hike.

In short, Juist offers in the off-season virtually a blank canvas that you make the backdrop of your relaxation. The island is very different in winter than in summer. "Logical", you may think now, "it's cold and the sun doesn't shine!".

That's half true: even in winter, Juist gets a few hours of sunshine (don't forget sunscreen!). The North Sea wind makes it seem colder than far away from the coast, but hey, you're at the coast and that's better than not being here!

Sand dancing in the wind, waves crowned with foam and a natural landscape will absolutely enchant you ... We don't have snow here that often, but stunningly beautiful hoarfrost!

This is what makes the colder season on Juist so special:

Winterurlaub an der Nordsee verbringen ©  Michael Kersting


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