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Arrival to Juist by Plane

Travel to Juist relaxed by Plane

7 minutes of flying.

Journey to the airport Norden

Travel to the airport in Norden by car

Your journey to Juist by plane starts on the mainland at Norden-Norddeich airfield:

Westerlooger Strohweg 5 26506 Norden

You can park your car at the airport on the parking lots. You can reserve the parking spaces in advance. Especially in the high season we recommend a reservation in advance.


Arrival at the airport Norden by train

Unfortunately there is no direct connection by train to the airport in Norden. If you travel by train, your easiest option is to drive to the train station in Norden and from there take a cab. It's best to book a cab in advance so you don't have to wait too long at the train station in Norden. The ride to the airport in Norden takes about 20 minutes.


Luggage when traveling to Juist by plane

The planes that bring you to Juist are small. So you should not be surprised that an adult is allowed to take a maximum of 10 kg of luggage and a child up to a maximum of 12 years only a maximum of 5 kg of luggage. Excess luggage costs extra and can only be transported if there is enough space in the machines. You will receive your luggage directly after disembarking at the aircraft.


Way to the village

The airfield on Juist is located about 4 km from the main village with most of the accommodations. The Loog, the second Juist village, is about 6 km away from the airfield. Juist as a car-free island has no public transport.

You can "overcome" the distance to the village on these ways:

Travel to Juist with the island fliers

Experience the Wadden Sea from the air - incomparable!

Coming from Norden airfield, just 7 minutes flying time separate you from the most beautiful sandbank in the world. With the small machines of the island pilots you travel over the Wadden Sea and to the east end of the island.

Traveling by plane to the island of Juist is a great experience that will stay in your memory for a long time. With the island planes you can travel to the island regardless of the tide, because the planes don't care how much water is covering the Wadden Sea. The island planes operate from Norddeich to Juist (as well as vice versa) according to a fixed schedule, so you can't arrive by plane 24/7.

The planes of the island airlines have a maximum of 10 passenger seats available, so you should buy your tickets as early as possible.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

This is how you travel to Juist:

Anreise nach Juist mit der Fähre ©  Lars Wehrmann

By Ferry

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Ankunft und Gepäck auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Arrival and Luggage

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