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Journey to Juist

All Information on how to Travel to Juist

Deceleration at the first moment!

Juist is a car-free island in the North Sea. What does that mean? All cars have to stay on the mainland and you take a ferry or a plane to reach the island. Just because Juist is tide dependent, it is very important that you get there on time!

Journey to Norddeich

The Norddeich-Mole train station is located directly at the ferry port and is served by both long-distance and regional trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. So you see: Traveling to Norddeich-Mole by train from your home is quite easy and convenient!


Parking in Norddeich

Drivers can leave their cars at the long-term parking lots in Norddeich-Mole. The parking lots are not far from the harbor. There is even a bus shuttle from the parking lots to the ferry terminal and vice versa (for a fee).

Please enter this address to be directed to the port of Norddeich-Mole:

Am Hafen, 26506 Norden-Norddeich

Arrival by ferry

The vacation begins already on the mainland.

For most vacationers, the Juist vacation starts in Norddeich-Mole at the ferry port. The large island ferries take about 90 minutes from Norddeich across the Wadden Sea to Juist.

But beware: Juist is a tidal island. This means that the large island ferry maneuvers through the Wadden Sea. This is only possible when the water level is high enough, otherwise the ferry would get stuck. And so it happens that the island ferry can usually only run once or twice a day from Norddeich to Juist (and vice versa).

Arrival with the fast ships

In addition to the large island ferry, speedboats have been operating between Norddeich-Mole and Juist for several years. These have between 10 and 50 seats and take about 30 to 45 minutes for one route (depending on wind, waves and weather). They are quite light, which means less draft, so the water cabs can cover the distance between Norddeich-Mole and Juist with less water than the large island ferry.

These fast boats operate between Norddeich-Mole and Juist:

  • The blue and yellow Inselexpress: departs from ferry bridge 3 next to the Norderney jetty.
  • The silver Töwerland-Express: departs from Osthafen (about 20 minutes walk from the Juist terminal)
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©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Arrival by plane

You can also travel by plane from the north to Juist. With the plane you are largely flexible on the road. If there is no fog and the visibility is good enough, the island planes will take you from the airport in Norden to Juist. The flight time is about 7 minutes and offers you a great view over the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site!

Your flight to Juist starts at the airfield in Norden:

Westerlooger Strohweg 5, 26506 Norden

Unfortunately, there is no public transport connection to the airport in Norden. If you travel by train, get off in Norden and take a cab to the airfield. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

You can park your car directly at the airport.

Frequently asked questions about traveling to Juist by plane

The airfield on Juist is located at the east end of the island, about 4 km from the town center and about 6 km from the Loog.

You can find the airfield in Norden at this address:

Westerlooger Strohweg 5, 26506 Norden

Once you arrive on Juist, you have these options to get to your accommodation:

  • On foot (about 4 km separate you from the town center).
  • Rent an e-bike at the airfield and return it in town
  • At the bicycle parking lot between the airport and the carriage station you will also find bicycles from the bicycle rental company Inselradgeber, which you can rent via an app and return to another location.
  • Travel by horse-drawn carriage from the airport to your accommodation. Please book your carriage before your arrival.
  • Order a bicycle rickshaw for you and your luggage.

You can take your dog with you on the plane. However, your dog must be muzzled and ticketed at all times.

Your fare includes 10 kg of luggage for adults and 5 kg for children under 12. Each kilo that exceeds this, you have to pay extra. The maximum weight of one piece of luggage is 20 kg.

Please note that excess baggage can only be carried if there is sufficient space available.

Small strollers (collapsible) and large strollers can be transported by plane from Norddeich to Juist for a fee. Bicycles and cruizers / oversized strollers can not be transported.

Please note that a carriage of strollers or similar excess baggage can only be carried out if there is sufficient space.

Journey with dog to Juist

With your dog you can use the big island ferry, the fast ferries and the planes. However, you must decide for yourself which type of travel is best for your dog. Smaller dogs can be put on your lap and calmed down, but especially larger or older animals need more space, which is sometimes not available on the fast ferries or in the planes.

Travel to Juist with wheelchair, stroller or walker

Wheelchairs, walkers and baby carriages are transported free of charge on the large island ferry. The smaller fast ships, however, do not have the necessary loading capacity to transport so much additional luggage. Also, neither the island ferries nor the water cabs are barrier-free. Therefore, if you have a lot of luggage or are not so mobile, we recommend you to take the island ferry.

Carriages on Juist

The carriages on Juist are truly iconic!

If you are vacationing at the Loog, Fuhrbetrieb Schwips will bring or pick you up at the harbor upon arrival and departure of the large island ferries. Please have cash on you to pay for your carriage ride.

If you are flying, the cab service HUF will drive you from the airport or to the airport. Please book your ride in advance.

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Luggage and arrival on Juist

Depending on the way you travel to Juist, the handling of your luggage is different. If you arrive with one of the fast ships or with the airplane, you hand in your luggage directly on board and receive your suitcases also directly on disembarkation.

If you travel with the island ferry, you stow your luggage independently in the luggage containers at the Juist terminal in Norddeich. A little tip on the side: Remember the number of your suitcase container! Your suitcases will be waiting for you in the suitcase containers at the harbor when you arrive on the island.

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Departure and guest contribution on Juist

On Juist the payment of the guest fee is obligatory. In return, you get a lot of great services. You pay your guest fee on Juist at the tourist information offices, at the guest fee machines on site or conveniently online.

When you leave the island, your ticket is scanned and the machine reads out whether you have already paid your guest contribution. If not, you will not be allowed on board. So please: Pay your guest fee before departure!

This is how you travel to Juist:

Anreise nach Juist mit der Fähre ©  Lars Wehrmann

By Ferry

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By Plane

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Ankunft und Gepäck auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Arrival and Luggage

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