Barrier-free Vacation on Juist

Almost barrier-free vacation at the North Sea

Barrier-free vacation for all

Accessible explore the most beautiful sandbank in the world


We are looking forward to you too! To all our guests, of course. You need more information about accessibility and travel for all? No problem, because on this page we have summarized it all for you.

Everyone has different requirements and wishes for their own vacation destination. On Juist you can experience a lot. From exciting excursions, to beautiful trails, to magnificent sunsets: There is no limit to what you can experience on our wonderful island.

On this page you will find information and answers to your questions about the topic "Barrier-free vacation at the North Sea":

Barrier-free journey to Juist

The Töwerland is already in sight!


Let's go! You can travel to Juist either via the Wadden Sea with the island ferry or by plane. Depending on your needs, one way of travel is more suitable for you than another. In the following, we explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the barrier-free and / or barrier-free journey to Juist.


By ferry

Assistance getting on and off the island ferry to Juist, escort on the ferry, assistance in the terminal or any other services you might need on the premises of Reederei Frisia will be gladly offered. Please contact the Frisia team at least 48 hours before your arrival, either by email to or by phone on 04931 9870. You will find further assistance at the terminals on Juist and in Norddeich. Please inform the staff here at least 60 minutes before departure about the assistance you need.

The journey with the island ferry is free of charge for people with a registered token in their severely handicapped ID. Please show your documents at the ticket office in Norddeich. Your registered companion, your medical companion dog as well as your medical equipment (e.g. wheelchair) will also be transported without further costs.

The ferry terminals on Juist and in Norddeich have both been awarded the "Travel for All" certificate and offer barrier-free WCs.

In addition, the island ferries are also accessible barrier-free (the strong low water, however, there may be a slope on the ramp between the ship and the pier) and offer barrier-free toilets.

On the island parking lots (P3) you will find handicapped parking spaces for which a fee is charged. The shuttle to the Juist terminal is free of charge upon presentation of your disabled ID.

The fast ferries Inselexpress and Töwerland-Express are not barrier-free. Depending on the service you need, you can of course also use the fast ferries. For more information, please contact the Töwerland-Express or the Frisia shipping company directly.


By plane

How about a flight over the Wadden Sea? In less than five minutes flight time you will experience the area between Juist and the mainland from a fascinating bird's eye view. Both the airfield in Norddeich and the airfield on Juist are barrier-free and offer handicapped accessible toilets.

Even more service and support: The staff of the island fliers will be happy to help you get on and off the plane, and you will also find manual aids for getting on and off the plane at the airfield. Your wheelchair will also be transported - even free of charge (only without battery, foldable, register in advance: 04931 93320).


By train

The Deutsche Bahn offers a service for people with disabilities, so that the journey by train is not only sustainable, but also relaxed for you:

Norddeich-Juist offers (like almost all terminal stations in Germany) a lift, through which your exit can be made easier.

In Norddeich-Mole, employees of the railroad are present to support you.

For further assistance and support, please contact the Deutsche Bahn mobility center in good time: 030 6521 28883.

You will receive certain discounts and offers on the route to Norddeich-Mole, as on many other Deutsche Bahn routes, if you show your severely disabled pass.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Barrier-free journey to accommodation on Juist

Car free Töwerland


Such a trip to Juist brings a lot of relaxation. But you should not go unplanned. Nothing on Töwerland is really witchcraft, so let's do it together!


From the harbor

You will find the harbor in the middle of the village, but depending on where your accommodation is located, the ways can be a bit longer. For the arrival of the island ferries, carriages will be waiting at the harbor to take you to your accommodation if it is in the direction of Loog. For other rides, please ask the carriage companies on Juist before arrival. To get into the carriage, you will have to climb two or three steps in most cases.


From the airfield

The airfield is located about 5 km from the town center. At the airport you get directly into a carriage of the HUF island cab, which you have booked before. To get into the carriage you have to climb two or three steps.


With the rescue service of the district of Aurich

If a carriage ride is not feasible for you, please contact the team of the rescue service in the district of Aurich under Tel.: 04462 19222. A patient transport on the island must be prescribed by your attending physician if necessary. Please check in advance whether your health insurance will cover the costs.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Travel for All

We are there!

We are aware that we still have a long way to go to make Juist truly and truly a vacation retreat for all and sundry, but we are doing our best. We try to involve people with different needs in each of our activities and considerations.

Not only the tourist information on the island, but also the TöwerVital and the Haus des Kurgastes are certified according to Travel for All.

Low-barrier and barrier-free accommodation on Juist

Töwerhaft sleep well!

Of course, a wonderful and absolutely successful vacation includes the right accommodation for you. On Juist you will find a wide selection of different hotels, apartments, vacation homes, guesthouses and other great vacation retreats. Not all of our accommodations are barrier-free or low barrier. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that we do not want to give all our guests the best time! Many accommodations are located in old buildings that are difficult to convert and renovate, so "old" construction methods are still ubiquitous. It so happens that entrances, for example, are not at ground level, doors are not wide enough or rooms are too small.

But do not despair, but ask the accommodation agency!

Your contact to the accommodation service

Accommodation agency of the Juist spa administration
Strandstraße 5
26571 Juist
Tel.: 04935 809 810

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Mobility on the island of Juist

So I jet over Töwerland


17 km long, but barely 500 m wide: The island of Juist can sometimes present runners with challenges. But it's so beautiful here, on our 17 km of sandbank. On Juist, an e-bike is always an option to reach the ends of the island comfortably, but of course that's not the only option.


Electric scooter

At the Loog you can rent an e-scooter (subject to availability). Please contact the bicycle rental Schwips as soon as possible: Tel: 049365 8171, Loogster Pad 10, Loog district.


cadWeazle Solar Wheelchair

The solar-powered beach wheelchair "cadWeazle" was originally purchased by the Juist Foundation with the help of an EU grant. The emission-free and quiet beach wheelchair is powered by the solar panel and by a built-in battery and is a real expert for rough terrain. This way, even people with mobility impairments can enjoy the Juist beach. You control the beach wheelchair easily and intuitively with the joystick on the right side.

You can rent the beach wheelchair on Juist through the Tourist Information by sending an e-mail to or by calling us at 04935 809 800. The rental price of the beach wheelchair is 25€ per 24 hours or part thereof. We will be happy to send you more information and the terms of use of the beach wheelchair upon request.


Rental of mobility aids

So that the Töwerland Juist can be used by as many people as possible, there is now the mobility aid rental KapMobil. After prior arrangement you can rent rollators, wheelchairs, electric scooters, forearm walkers and other aids. You can find the contract here. Additional costs such as handling fee, deposit, disinfection costs may apply. You can find the rental contract here. To rent aids, please contact us by email at

Low barrier offers on the island

So much to experience, to discover, to do!

As a car-free place, Juist is certainly not the most barrier-free island in the world. Here, everything has to be done by bicycle, carriage or on foot. We do not have local public transport in this form. That certainly doesn't make it any easier, but we do our best to give youa wonderful vacation experience.


Accessibility on the island

We have made it possible for wheelchair users to participate easily and safely in traffic by lowering curbs and placing wedges between the curb and the sidewalk at major intersections.

The Haus des Kurgastes, the tourist information offices, the TöwerVital as well as the Kurplatz as centers of tourist life on the island can be used completely or at least partially barrier-free.


Experience the Juist beach

The Juist beach is wide and beautiful. But also a challenge for some. You can reach the main beach easily all year round if you use the paved path on the beach road. Here the slope, compared to the other beach exits, is quite low.


Barrier-free WCs

You will find numerous barrier-free or low barrier WCs distributed on the island:

Guest fee on Juist

Barrier-free vacation at the North Sea

On Juist, guests with a degree of disability of 100% and their accompanying persons do not have to pay a guest fee. Please come to our tourist information and present your arrival and departure tickets, your disability certificate and your ID card. We need to activate your departure ticket.

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