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Arrival to Juist by Ferry

90 minutes of Relaxation During the Trip to Juist

Within reach.

10 km of winding fairway separate you only from your Töwerland. With the island ferry the crossing takes about 90 minutes (depending on wind and weather), with the water cabs about 30 to 45 minutes.

Travel to Juist with the island ferry

The ferry can only pass through the Juist mudflats at high tide - you'll understand why if you've ever been to the harbor at low tide and seen the tiny shipping channel and one of the large island ferries there. Due to the daily changing time of the tides, the ferries do not leave every day at the same time and often only one ferry departs a day to or from Juist.

The island ferry starts in Norddeich-Mole at the harbor at ferry bridge no. 1 to Juist. Your 90-minute crossing takes you through the Wadden Sea to Juist harbor, first out of the harbor, then for a while through the shipping channel toward Norderney before turning off to Juist and seeing the island in its full glory.


Luggage and suitcases when traveling with the island ferry to Juist

You stow your suitcases in Norddeich-Mole in a suitcase container. Please make a note of the number of your suitcase container so that you can easily find your luggage on the island. When you arrive on Juist, you take your luggage out of the suitcase containers. They will be pulled off the ship by a tractor and placed at the harbor.

With your luggage in hand you make your way to your accommodation. You have these options to reach your accommodation from the port and to transport your luggage:

  • By horse-drawn carriage upon arrival of the island ferries.
  • On foot with or without the use of the hand cart of your accommodation
  • With the luggage service of your accommodation
  • With the luggage service Gerber


Tickets for the trip with the island ferry to Juist

Tickets for the island ferry can be purchased conveniently online and then used paperlessly. For the sake of simplicity, we recommend that you book a return trip directly, because then you can pay your guest fee directly online.

Travel to Juist with the water cabs and speedboats

Töwerland Express and Inselexpress


You'll reach ths island faster and more flexible than with the traditional island ferry, if you book your passage with the speedboats. These are more maneuverable and versatile. A trip with the speedboats usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes (depending on wind and weather). Since the small boats have less draught than the island ferry, the departure times are also more independent of the tides - but even the small speedboats on Juist are not completely tide-independent!

Water cabs of two different shipping companies operate between Juist and Norddeich:


Getting to Juist with the Inselexpress

The blue and yellow boats of the Inselexpress are waiting for you at jetty 3 in Norddeich-Mole, which you will not find next to the Juist jetty, but next to the Norderney jetty.

Address for your navi:

Hafenstraße 26506 Norden-Norddeich


Arrival with the Töwerland-Express to Juist

The small, silver boats of the Töwerland-Express depart from the Yacht-Zentrum Störtebeker in Norddeich's Osthafen.

Address for your navi:

Am Fischereihafen 26506 Norden Norddeich


Luggage and suitcases when arriving with the water cabs to Juist

You will receive your luggage directly at the ship when arriving with one of the water cabs from Norddeich to Juist. The staff will be happy to help you unload your luggage. Usually there are no carriages waiting for you when the water cabs arrive at the harbor on Juist. Use the handcarts provided by your accommodation to bring your luggage to your accommodation.

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©  Lars Wehrmann

This is how you travel to Juist:

Anreise nach Juist mit dem Flieger ©  Lars Wehrmann

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Ankunft und Gepäck auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

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