Weddings on Juist

Marriage on the Töwerland

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Marriage on Juist

Unique in Germany


Barefoot in the sand, the sun shines down on you pleasantly warm, the seagulls serenade you and the sea rushes in time with your beating heart. Perfect scenery for your dream wedding, isn't it?

At Töwerland you will not only get married in our beautiful wedding hall, but also directly on the beach, if you wish. Absolutely dreamlike!

On Juist you can

  • get married in a registry office
  • renew your marriage vows
  • change your civil partnership into a marriage (it's more romantic than it sounds - I promise!).

So many possibilities to spend the most beautiful day in your life. And you have already taken the first step: You have decided that you want to say "yes" on Töwerland Juist. Good decision! If you already have the most beautiful sandbank in the world in your heart and associate many beautiful moments with the island, why not get married right here?

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Registry office on Juist

The team at the Juist registry office will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your wedding on Juist:

Registry Office in the Old Warmbad Friesenstraße 18 26571 Juist E-Mail: Tel.: 04935 809321

Everything you need to know about your wedding on Juist

As with any big event, there is a kind of dress rehearsal for a wedding - in this case: the preliminary meeting. It doesn't sound romantic, but it is, because this is the last milestone before your dream wedding on the island.

Preliminary talk

During the preliminary talk, all "unromantic" things are taken out of the way so that you can simply enjoy your wedding day! Usually two days before your wedding, your partner, you and a registrar will discuss all the details of the upcoming ceremony. You also pay the costs (200€ for a wedding in a hall, 320€ for a beach wedding, plus 100€ on Saturdays). The actual wedding ceremony will take about 20 minutes, but you know the temperamental Juist weather, so it can happen that the wedding starts a few minutes late. So take your time, don't stress. We still got all willing couples married!

Please note: You are not entitled to an appointment at a registry office that is not in your town. This is not to say that we don't want to marry you, because we do! We sometimes have so many requests that we can't keep up with the appointments, so it is worth planning and booking your wedding date as early as possible. If you need to cancel your date later than four weeks before your intended wedding date, we will charge a cancellation fee.

A request for sustainability's sake: Refrain from throwing rice or anything similar and instead use bubbles or flower petals: just as photogenic and beautiful, but better for the environment.

You must have this to get married on Juist:

  • A certified printout from the birth register (available at your birth registry office).
  • A certificate of registration (available at the citizens' registration office of your main residence)
  • Identification papers (i.e. identity card or passport)
  • If one of you has been married before: marriage certificate with annulment and divorce decree or divorce decree with legal effect.
  • If one of you is widowed: death certificate or death register printout
  • If one of your previous marriages was dissolved: Extract from the corresponding register
  • If you have children together: birth and custody certificates

You have to register at your local registry office that your marriage or the conversion of your civil partnership will take place on Juist. The documents will then be forwarded directly to Juist by your local registry office.

By the way: This only applies to German citizens. Information for marriages of foreign nationals can be obtained directly from the Juist registry office, either by e-mail to or by phone to 04935 809321.

Marriage on Juist on the beach

Unique in Germany. With this you are sure to be a little star in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Make a real life dream come true and get married in a beach wedding on Juist! Just imagine: The sun is setting, the beach is bathed in all kinds of colors by the sun, a peaceful mood fills the world. It couldn't be more beautiful. And you? You're saying "I do" to the love of your life. And yes, such an incredible idea can come true with us on Juist!

Get married on Juist in the historic "Alter Warmbad".

The historical wedding hall in the "Alter Warmbad" fits perfectly to the romantic atmosphere of the most beautiful day in your life: The historic building has been preserved with great attention to detail and already envelops you in a romantic mood as soon as you step into the wedding hall. The wedding hall is seated for 33 people, but if necessary we can create more space for your larger "troupe" of up to 60 people.

Wedding steles

Beloved tradition: Let the memory of your most beautiful day live on Juist for a long time! In front of the Old Warmbad you will find three wedding stelae where you can attach plaques with the memory of your wedding (fee: 100€ - order forms are available directly at the registry office). So you always have a reason to come back to Juist - as if you needed a reason!

Free dates

Here you can find the free dates for your wedding on Juist:

Important tips and contact details for your wedding on Juist

So much to plan for the most beautiful day in your life! It's all about feeling extra special and confident, starting the day relaxed, having a great time with your partner, sharing Juist with your loved ones and just having wonderful experiences that you'll remember happily for a long time!

We still have a tip or two up our sleeve for you:

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Am Haus Siebje
Love locks on the Siebje house
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Information on the processing of your data in the registry office

The registry office records your civil status data (including name, date of birth, parentage) in registers and files. On this basis, documents and certificates are issued and information is provided. In addition, your data will be processed insofar as this is necessary for leaving a church, religious community or ideological community. Responsible for the processing of the data is the registry office of the island municipality of Juist, Friesenstr. 18, 26571 Juist, Tel.: +49 4935 809321, standesamt(at) The employees will provide more detailed information on the processing of your data and are responsible if you wish to assert rights in connection with the processing of data.

The legal basis for the processing activities results from the Civil Status Act, the Civil Status Ordinance, if necessary corresponding international regulations as well as from §§ 2, 5 para. 3 Church Leaving Act, the Basic Data Protection Ordinance and the Lower Saxony Data Protection Act.

The data of the registry offices may only be disclosed to other domestic and foreign registry offices, other persons, other authorities, courts, if applicable religious communities and consular representations of other countries if this is permitted by law.

The data recorded in registers shall be kept permanently. They are to be offered to the archives for acquisition together with the data contained in the associated files after 30, 80 or 110 years, depending on the type of personal status transaction. Church resignations are kept for 30 years and can then be taken over by the archives.

You can reach the data protection officer of the Juist registry office at Zweckverband Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Oldenburg (KDO), Tel.: +49 441 9714159, knoeller(at) If you have any questions or complaints, you can also contact the State Commissioner for Data Protection of Lower Saxony. She or your responsible employee at the registrar's office will also provide you with information about your rights as a data subject under the General Data Protection Regulation.

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