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Health and Well-Being on Juist

Health Island Juist

Health: The highest good on earth.

Health island Juist

Time for deceleration and active relaxation!

Arrived in the land of relaxation, on the deceleration island Juist. The perfect place to take care of your own health. A cure, course, treatment or a trip to the sauna: there are many options open to you here.

With its stress-free atmosphere, Juist is perfect for you to focus entirely on yourself. There are no cars or obligations to distract you. Here, with the most beautiful view of the beach and the North Sea, you can enjoy the time and opportunities to concentrate on your health.

The stimulating climate of the North Sea not only relaxes you, no, the aerosols at the water's edge also improve your skin, your circulation and reduce respiratory diseases. The sea air makes you breathe deeply and relax. The wind trains your circulation and just the view of wide stretches of untouched nature and the sea make you gently slow down.

So you see: Juist is and remains the perfect place to do something good for yourself!

©  Lars Wehrmann


Your island of well-being.

A place to feel completely at ease, to enjoy every moment and return healthier from your vacation.

©  Lars Wehrmann

Thalasso Island.

The stimulating climate makes you happy.

Use and experience the elemental power of the sea. Silt, wind, air and water make you healthier and happier.

©  Lars Wehrmann

Spa on the Töwerland

Experience healing moments on Juist.

Off to the spa! Get healthy or healthier with us on Juist, feel the healing atmosphere and the natural conditions on the island that are so good for your body.

©  Pascal Skwara


Seawater adventure pool, sauna, fitness studio, thalasso & wellness

First after a long walk on the beach off to the sauna to warm up, then splash with the whole family in the seawater adventure pool, later to the soothing treatment and finally sweat in the gym.

©  Lars Wehrmann

Health courses.

For back, breathing, for the head and the whole body.

After all, health classes always fit into a vacation when you feel like taking care of your body and have the time to do so.