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Arrive on Juist

Baggage and Luggage Service

Arrival and luggage

The Juist Vacation begins

Finally arrived! Stop for a moment and let this first island impression take effect on you. Even if you've been here on Töwerland many times before, it's always terrific, this first moment of being here, of relaxation.

But as soon as you arrive on Juist, you want to go straight to your accommodation. If it weren't for the luggage! No problem. We have compiled all the possibilities of luggage transport for you, so that your arrival on the island is as relaxed as possible.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Luggage transport with the island ferry

The classic way to travel to Juist

If you arrive with the island ferry, you take your suitcases from the suitcase containers that are brought down from the ferry and placed in the port area (Attention, always remember the number of your container!), and start the way to your accommodation. If it's in town, you'll walk directly. After all, walking is a popular pastime on the island - so the walk with your suitcase is more or less a full-body workout.

If you need to go to the Loog, a carriage from Fahrbetrieb Schwips will be waiting for you at the harbor. The departure times are linked to the arrivals of the island ferry, so that in the worst case you don't have to stand in the rain.

But what is actually part of a relaxing vacation? That you don't have to lug your own suitcases if you don't want to!

On the car-free island of Juist, it's not like you just quickly order a cab to transport your belongings.

Here you still have to do it yourself:

  • Upon arrival of the island ferry, the luggage carriers of your hotel will be waiting for you, if such a service is offered to you. Please contact your accommodation in advance. There may be a small charge for this service.
  • Directly at the port you will also find the almost iconic luggage carts of various accommodations. Just choose the cart of your landlord or landlady and start your way to your vacation retreat.
  • It will be even more relaxed if you use the luggage service on Juist: From the harbor, your luggage will be brought directly to your accommodation during the high season. No lugging, no dragging, simply no problem! (Ulrich Gerber - from/to the harbor; airport on request, phone: 04935 2382018, www.gerber-juist.de)

Luggage transport with the speedboats

Travel faster to Juist with luggage

If you arrived with one of the water cabs (either the Inselexpress or the Töwerland-Express), you will receive your luggage directly on board and walk comfortably into town. For the arrivals of the Inselexpress and the Töwerland-Express there are no carriages waiting for you at the harbor, but, depending on where your accommodation is located, you can rent a carriage. Alternatively, you can use the hand cart of your accommodation. The bicycle cab of Nordseehotel Freese will take you from A to B according to your individual wishes.

Luggage transport with the island airlines

From the east end of the island with luggage to your accommodation

If you have flown to Juist, about 4 km separate you from the village center and about 6 km from the Loog. This distance you can walk (theoretically) - depending on luggage and weather. Alternatively, you can book a carriage from the airport to the village (attention, please book in advance!) or take one of the e-bikes that you can rent there in advance. At the airport, you will also find bicycles from the island bike provider, which you can easily rent and park elsewhere. It's even more relaxing if you take the bike cab from Nordseehotel Freese to pick you up at the airport and drive you to town.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Send luggage from home to Juist

Packing professionals like you send their luggage even easier directly to Juist: With the luggage transport of the post office or Hermes you check in your suitcase on the mainland and find it again in time for the start of your vacation in your accommodation. This way you don't have to lug anything! Sounds tempting, doesn't it?


Luggage service of the Deutsche Bahn

With the luggage service of Deutsche Bahn you have it super easy, because if you travel by train to Juist, you can enjoy that your luggage is picked up at your home and brought directly to your accommodation on the Töwerland. It is best to book this service directly in connection with your train ticket, but please note that the pick-up request can only be fulfilled before 18:00 and only on a working day.


Luggage transport by the Post

Have your luggage and suitcase transported by the post office. This will save you the hassle of lugging your luggage around. The luggage transport of the post office was stopped some time ago, but the post office transports your suitcases from now on as bulky goods to Juist. New name, just as convenient!


Hermes Private Luggage Service

Everyone can use the Hermes Private Luggage Service: At least three days before your departure, book your Hermes Privat Gepäckservice and have your suitcases easily brought from your front door to your vacation apartment. Relaxed!

Mobility on Juist

On Juist you are on the road without a car. Of course, the island is car-free. If you want to cover longer distances, you can take a carriage or rent a bicycle. Extensive walks on the island are a wonderful experience. To get to the airport you can take the island cab HUF with a regular schedule. You can reach the other end of the island by taking a ride in a carriage.

This is how you travel to Juist:

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