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Take a breath and create art on Juist

Anchorage for creatives

Finding your own creativity on the Töwerland

You switch off as soon as you get on the ferry. You feel the stress fall away from you and how there is finally room in your heart for something new. Juist is pure acceleration. With its enchanting nature, Juist is the perfect place to get creative. Let yourself be inspired by sun, beach, lake and summer and paint a picture. Capture the beauty and authenticity of the Töwerland with your camera, describe with words this Juist feeling. Get creative!

Imitate others and create something personal on Juist. Walk in the footsteps of other creatives and visit the places that inspired them to create great stories and works. Visit an exhibition and experience art in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Everything for creatives and art fans on Juist

Workshops and other offers

Be creative yourself or pay respect to the creative products of others - both are easily possible for you here on Juist. Look forward to a variety of different works of art on the island, which you can marvel at. Visit exhibitions or get active yourself: Learn how to write a book. Receive instructions on how to switch off your head or consciously become absorbed in the creative-artistic process.

Here you can find all offers for creative people and art fans on Juist:

Live out creativity on Juist

©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist
Special exhibition at the Inselmuseum: "Picture books on the wall"
©  (c) Sarah Koska
Reading: Sandra Lüpkes - "The school by the sea"
©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
Make something, then you have something!
©  (c) Alex Germany
Airbrush tattoo workshop
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Art exhibitions on Juist

Marvel at creative art

Juist has a lot to offer - including art! You may not really believe it when you think about how small our island is, but we have quite a lot of art and creativity to offer!

On our 17 km you will find sculptures and other works of art in numerous places outside. Indoors, too, there's no shortage of things to look at: In the "Altes Warmbad" and in the Haus des Kurgastes, regularly changing works of art are exhibited. Sometimes the finest watercolor paintings hang there, other times you get to see clever graphic design that has it all. You certainly won't get bored at the art exhibitions on Juist!

Here you can find the dates and all further information about the current art exhibitions on Juist:

Art exhibitions on Juist

©  (c) Cornelia Baums
Art exhibition - Cornelia Baums: "Traces - Structures - Surfaces"
©  (c) Natalia Piatek
Art exhibition - Natalia Piatek: "When nature and rubbish merge"
©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist
©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist

Painting, drawing and handicrafts on Juist

Listen to the sea and come to rest

Do you have the right colors ready? Prepare yourself to capture reality or to create whatever you feel like. Juist can be your canvas (figuratively speaking) - but it doesn't have to be. Portray your favorite island or simply use this very special atmosphere that you love so much here to find (back) to your own creative art.

Painting on Juist

©  CC BY Susanne Hohaus
Watercolour Painting Course - "Stroll by the Sea

Writing on Juist

Töwerland, the undisputed island of literature

Read all about the beauty of the island, about the stories behind the scenes of Töwerland. Get creative yourself, let your imagination flow onto the pages and write your own story about Juist. Writing will be easy for you here - far away from everyday life, with 17 km of freedom, the almost tangible horizon and its endless possibilities before your eyes.

At the moment we have planned these workshops on writing:

Creative space on Juist

Even more art on the island!

A small, cozy place for courses and a place to buy creative things? Juist has that to offer as well! The neat, charming creative space on Damenpfad delights with its large selection of art and creative items, the range of unique Juist-related objects available for purchase, and the range of courses on creativity and art.

So many special experiences on Juist:

Konzert auf dem Kurplatz auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

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Programm für Kinder und Jugendliche auf Juist am Strand ©  Lars Wehrmann

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Strandzelt auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

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