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Fitness and Health courses on Juist

Be - Become - Stay - Fit and Healthy

Fitness and health courses on Juist

Train under the open sky and with the best view

The perfect moment to switch off, to relax and recharge your batteries, to be active and challenge yourself physically. On Juist you have the peace and space you need to do sports. Focus on your physical fitness by joining exciting sports and health courses, spend an active time on Töwerland. Flex your muscles! If you are too exhausted in everyday life to focus on yourself, Juist makes you realize that you can do anything here - including and especially taking care of your health.

Beach sports on Juist

Playing sports on the beach or near the beach

You've probably heard of beach sports. You know - the courses where everyone is in a good mood despite the sometimes strenuous exercises. But Strandsport on Juist offers so much more than "just" outdoor fitness classes. Backfit, hula-hoop training, Zumba, fitness courses and so much more!

Because the best way to train is in a group, the team at Strandsport offers you a wide range of weekly programs during the season that will really put you in the mood. It doesn't matter how fit you are - the only thing that counts is that you feel like exercising. Let the fitness and health courses inspire you.

Here you can find the fitness and health courses of Strandsport on Juist:

Beach sports courses

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Gymnastik - Strandsportangebot auf Juist
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Beach Sports - Dance Workshop Juist
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Töwerland Island Run 2024
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Fitness courses at TöwerVital

For you, your body, your mind and your well-being

At TöwerVital everything revolves around your health and well-being. And, do you know what brings us well-being and health? A good posture and a deep breath, simply the certainty that you are physically and mentally okay, that you are doing something for yourself.

The team at TöwerVital is always working out new courses for you, courses that will inspire you, but above all courses that will do something for you and your health. Sometimes it's all about your spine (a pretty important part of your body, especially if you have a desk job), other times the health classes focus on the lumbar spine.

These are the courses offered by the team at TöwerVital:

Fitness courses at TöwerVital

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Climate therapy
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All this you do for fitness and health on Juist:

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Health Week

✓ Courses ✓ Workshops ✓ Events ✓ Well-being ✓ Mental health ✓ Physical health → Find out more about Health Week on Juist.

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Mindfulness Days

✓ Courses ✓ Events ✓ Workshops ✓ Steer back to yourself ✓ Being (more) mindful → Experience the healing effect of Juist's mindfulness days

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