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Feast and Enjoy on Juist

Restaurants and Cafes on the Töwerland


Pure taste on Juist!

Tasty, tastier, tastiest!

Good food is simply part of a successful vacation! You like to settle down somewhere comfortable, feel the sun on your nose and breathe deeply. Nothing could be easier! On your favorite island you will find a wide selection of different restaurants, cafes and bars. To linger. To relax. For people-watching. To rest. To feast. So simply everything you wish for!

Restaurants on Juist

A breath of the big, wide world on the sandbank

©  Lars Wehrmann

Who doesn't want to relax in the evening after an adventurous day and enjoy a delicious meal in a pleasant atmosphere? Anyone who doesn't shout "Yes, me!" loudly and immediately is probably a truly gifted and passionate cook.

No work, only pleasure for you during your vacation: Eating out is simply part of a North Sea vacation.

On Juist you can be prepared for a peppered selection of different restaurants and dishes.

From East Frisia to the big, wide world: the restaurants on the island welcome you with open arms and look forward to spoiling you.

Cafes and tea houses on Juist

Celebrate East Frisian tea culture

©  Lars Wehrmann

Perfect timing: The East Frisians actually always drink tea. From morning to night. Gladly with plenty of time, with pastries and "Kluntje" - the sugar.

When you're so relaxed that you don't want to take another step, simply sink into a chair, have a cup of tea (or coffee) and nibble on a small waffle. Can life be any more beautiful? Certainly not!

You can find delicious snacks in many cafes on the island.

To find your favorite place, you probably have no choice but to test your way through the island's cafes and tea houses!

Nightlife and going out on Juist

Turn the night into day!

©  Lars Wehrmann

Oh no, is the day over again? Not so fast.

On Juist, the dignified, relaxed evenings are almost as beautiful as the adventurous and eventful days full of discoveries!

Quaint pubs, chic bars and cozy corners invite you to linger and enjoy.

With a drink in your hand, let your grandiose vacation day pass in review, watch the magical sunset and experience that very special moment of arriving and feeling calm!