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National Park House Juist

The first point of contact for Wadden Sea questions

With advice and action at your side

The team of the National Park House on Juist consists of passionate Wadden Sea lovers who are dedicated to the protection of the National Park. They will gladly explain to you what makes the Wadden Sea so special. During guided tours they share their knowledge with you and take you to the most beautiful corners of the island.

But that's not all: In the National Park House itself you will find an informative exhibition about the Wadden Sea habitat. The centerpiece can be found right outside the door: Namely, the skeleton of Waltraud, the minke whale that washed up on Juist in 2001.

National Park House Juist

Opening hours and contact details of the National Park House

National Park House Juist

Carl-Stegmann-Straße 5
26571 Juist
Tel.: 04935 1595
E-Mail: nationalparkhaus@juist.de
Web: nationalparkhaus-wattenmeer.de
Opening hours exhibition:
Tuesdays to Fridays: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 15:00 - 18:00

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

The offer of the National Park House Juist

Mudflat walks, guided bird watching ...

Between salt marshes and mudflats, between dunes and beach, the professionals from the National Park House on Juist feel particularly at home. Easily recognizable by their dark blue jackets with the corresponding logos, they explore the island with you. Let them surprise and inspire you - and "infect" you with their love of the Wadden Sea.

By the way: The island community of Juist is an official partner of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. But of course, that's not the only reason we want to recommend the Wadden Sea and the island's protected areas to you.

The team of the National Park House on Juist offers you a wide range of different events and guided tours for (almost) all age groups. Here you can find all events of the National Park House Juist:

Events of the National Park House Juist

Außenansicht Wärterhaus im Juister Wäldchen mit Aufstellern der Ausstellung über Otto Leege ©  (c) Nationalparkranger Juist
Otto Leege: Ein Leben für die Insel Juist - Radtour
©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
easy mudflat walk
Wattwanderung im Juister Watt ©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
Stille im Watt
©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
Long mudflat walk
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The Juist National Park Ranger

Our Wadden Sea "Sheriff"

Armed with a backpack, rubber boots and good stories, you can always find our National Park Ranger Markus at the information hut at Kalfamer on Wednesdays during the summer. During his consultation hour, he will tell you everything that is part of his job. With a lot of love for animals and plants he brings you closer to the unique nature on our island. He also makes sure that especially endangered places on the island are marked accordingly and that you, as a person passing by, are also explained why you should avoid this place. Because only forbidding does nothing. Markus wants to explain the connections to you. Because: who understands and respects nature, can also protect it and wants to preserve it.

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©  Lars Wehrmann
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This is how you experience the Wadden Sea World Heritage on Juist:

Wattwanderung auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Mud Flat Hiking

Enjoy the world heritage site Waddendea during a mud flat hike | Juist's incomparable nature | Experienced guided tours with much insight | Discover the unique habitat Waddensea

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Zugvogeltage auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

Migratory Bird Days

✓ Migratory Bird Days ✓ Theme: Birds of and in the Waddensea ✓ Many events for the whole family → Learn all there is to know about the migratory bird days on Juist!

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