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Excursions To, On and From Juist

By Carriage, Plane and Boat

Explore the most beautiful sandbank in the world from another side

Go on a discovery tour

The Töwerland offers you all the possibilities.

From the coach box, from the air or from the water: Juist is definitely beautiful to look at. Chic shape, so to speak. The island opens up new experiences for you. Even regular guests who know the island like the back of their hand are constantly discovering new panoramas, details and treasures. Change from the bicycle to the carriage. The island looks completely different.

If you ever feel like leaving the island (which we can't really understand, but well ...), excursions by air or water will open up new vacation worlds.

Excursions by boat

Explore the Juist hinterland

Whether to the seal banks, for shovel fishing or to one of the two neighboring islands: From Easter to autumn, various boat trips are offered for you. Look forward to varied views, new impressions and the realization that you are glad to spend your vacation on Töwerland after all.

It is true that Juist is the most beautiful place, but everybody wants to see something different.

Here you can find out which boat trips are planned:

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Day trip to Borkum
©  (c) Anchor Lee
Adventure trip to the seal banks
©  (c) Dominik Luckmann
Excursion to Norderney

Excursions by carriage

With 2 hp across the island

No stress, no worries - but every now and then a speed limit for carriages on the car-free North Sea island of Juist. The purest Juist experience is certainly to drive a horse-drawn carriage across Töwerland. The wind in your hair, the clatter of horseshoes on the road and the snorting of horses in your ears. This is the stuff that Juist dreams are made of!

For you it goes either along the beach, through the village or across the island. Just as you like.

Here you can find the carriage companies on Juist:

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Loogster Pad 10
Schwips haulage firm Juist

Sightseeing flights from Juist

An unforgettable experience

Juist Airport is the gateway to the world. So to speak. In summer, you can fly from Juist to Helgoland or charter a small plane privately and cruise over the string of pearls of the East Frisian islands, for example. Unimaginably beautiful sights await you during such a sightseeing flight. While we are writing this, we are already dreaming.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking, please contact:

Contact Inselflieger
Tel.: 04931 93320
E-Mail: info@inselflieger.de
Web: inselflieger.de

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So many special experiences on Juist:

Konzert auf dem Kurplatz auf Juist ©  Lars Wehrmann

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