Running and Cycling on Juist

Pure Nature - Perfect Conditions for Excursions on Foot or by Bike

Bicycle island

17 km length for your excursions

The beaches reach out to the horizon, the ground is soft underfoot, hardly any inclines, sun, wind, the great stimulating climate: no question, Juist is one of those places where you don't want to be indoors at all. Sure. Why should you, when there is so much to discover and experience outside? 17 km of the finest sandy beach invite you to take long walks on the beach, and a variety of bike paths are waiting to be explored.

Walking and cycling on Juist

Hardly a slope in sight, but with a lot of wind

What can't be missing on a car-free island? Of course: the reliable bike! Powered by your own muscle power (or the tailwind or a battery), you move across the island. From east to west, from west to east.

Or you can move from A to B on foot. Your own feet carry you from one end of the island to the other, from the Wadden Sea to the North Sea, from Bill to Kalfamer. And hopefully back again. Walking is hardly anywhere as beautiful as here on Juist.

No matter if you go by bike or on foot, you'll find an incredible natural scenery. Sometimes deer play in the distance, sometimes a pheasant cries. The dune grasses dance in the wind. A real spectacle! It would be a shame to hurry to get somewhere. No, because here on the most beautiful sandbank in the world, the way is the goal!

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

The most beautiful walking, jogging and cycling trails

Brought together for you:

We've thought about it and put together a few great trail suggestions that can complete your vacation on Juist. Stroll along the beach promenade, walk along the Otto-Leege path or enjoy other corners of the Töwerland on a relaxing walk or a casual bike ride.

Here you will find our suggestions for the most beautiful tours across the island:

©  CC BY, Lars Wehrmann
Favourite cycle routes: to Wilhelmshöhe
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You can find these and many, many more ideas for tours, walks, gas routes, bike paths and small excursions in our JuistWebApp.

Your free time under the open sky on Juist:

Strandgymnastik auf Juist beim Strandsport ©  Lars Wehrmann

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