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Experiences in Winter on Juist

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Experiences in winter on Juist

Experience the North Sea in the cold season

Töwerland goes into a kind of hibernation during the colder months. You could also say "beauty sleep" - because in winter there is a lot of work going on. Houses are spruced up, renovated and redesigned. But that doesn't mean that the whole island is asleep and nothing is going on!

In winter, people on Juist shut down completely - this applies to Juist residents and guests alike. Find your own center and take the time to concentrate on yourself.

Winter magic

A small but nice winter market on the island

©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist

Boah, now a mulled wine or a children's punch, a little music, a delicious bratwurst and then go to bed early after a wonderful day of walking and relaxing. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

In the pre-Christmas season, as well as "between the years", the Kurplatz shines in advent colors, with lights and live music concerts. It smells wonderfully Christmassy of cinnamon and oranges, of children's punch and also of sea buckthorn (just has to be on Juist). The Winter Magic on Juist gives you such a warm and cozy feeling, with the charming atmosphere and the decoration and the drinks and the snacks and the music and, and, and! Get to know the islanders and have a chat. Shake lightly to the music and dig deep into your winter clothes. Yes, life on Töwerland, the friendship for life, can be so beautiful!

New Year's Swim

A bibb cold tradition

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What do you call it when dozens of brave people throw themselves into the icy Töwerland waves? Well, New Year's swimming, of course!

Spectators and onlookers are expressly welcome at this spectacle: The Juist New Year's Swim shows who can brave the cold wind and the sea water that feels even colder. Community and passion (and also a pinch of courage) make this experience so grandiose. While spectators wrapped in caps and scarves cheer enthusiastically, the New Year's swimmers run into the waves.

Maybe there's a bit of a flicker of worry beforehand, and thoughts run on a roller coaster (Can I really do this? Do I really want to?), but as the storm sweeps over Juist beach, it becomes clear that a New Year's Day swim like this is an experience you simply have to have in your life.