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Harnessing the Natural Power of Water, Silt and Algae


Juist has been an officially certified as a Thalasso island for a long time and with its nature, good air and location directly in the North Sea has already made so many guests true Thalasso fans.

Juist, the island of the healing and stimulating climate

With such a long history, that must be good: Juist has been an official seaside resort since 1840. The sea climate on the North Sea ensures that the island is absolutely predestined for thalassotherapy. Through the taut climate of the sea, a lot of wind and sun as well as the clean air (no cars!), you undeniably feel the Thalasso effect here. The healing power of the sea can be felt everywhere on the narrow island of Juist.

Thalasso makes healthy

... and beautiful!

Juist has been an officially certified thalasso island for a long time and therefore meets the highest standards in terms of thalasso treatments. So you can be sure that our thalassotherapists know exactly what they are doing and that all our raw materials are of the best quality. So you can relax without having to think too much. Here you just close your eyes and enjoy the Thalasso treatments.

Juist is home to the Thalasso Wellness World: a wide range of different treatments from the Thalasso Wellness area awaits you. The wellness treatments with a connection to the sea ensure that you feel wonderful and completely refreshed after your vacation on Juist.

Climate therapy

"From air bath to sea bath"

Feelings of happiness included: doing something for your health as a preventive measure may not sound like much fun, but that's exactly what happens during the Juist climate therapy with the picturesque title "From air bath to sea bath". By toughening up or "playing" with the cold stimulus, you become totally healthy. At first, it's "just" a walk on the beach, but each time you drop more and more clothes until you finally plunge boldly into the North Sea tides.

Trained Thalasso specialists will guide your sea climate therapy. On five consecutive days you will be instructed by experts on how to best use the cold stimulus to experience the full thalassotherapy effect directly at the edge of the sea and through the cold of the fresh North Sea water. On Mondays there is a Thalasso walk at three o'clock and on Tuesdays at eight o'clock in the morning, the climatic therapy "from the air bath to the sea bath" really starts off strong. The meeting place for both events is the beach exit at the beach hotel Kurhaus Juist.

And when exactly does the Thalasso climate therapy take place on Juist? Well, when it's really cold enough for the cold stimulus to make you really happy - usually in October as well as March and April. Here you can find the dates of the Juist climatic therapy:

Climate therapy

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Climate therapy

Frequently Asked Questions about Thalasso-Climate Therapy

Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of various treatments and applications from the field of thalasso. What is important here is that ingredients from the sea are of central importance and important active ingredients have a health-promoting effect during the treatment. The word "Thalasso" comes from the Greek and means "healing power of the sea". Thalassotherapy therefore relies on the natural, gentle healing power of various raw materials from the sea.

You can undergo thalassotherapy as part of an open spa treatment. This means that your health insurance will cover the costs of your thalassotherapy treatments. For this, it is necessary to agree in advance with your attending physician and the health insurance company exactly which treatments are required. You can, of course, take an open spa treatment on Juist.

Thalassotherapy is suitable for a wide range of symptoms. Among the most commonly known symptoms for which thalassotherapy helps are:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Diabetes
  • exhaustion
  • Skin diseases

But also numerous other symptoms can be alleviated by a specific thalassotherapy.

Thalassotherapy follows a natural, gentle approach. There are some medical conditions that make thalassotherapy difficult:

  • Pregnancy
  • Iodine allergy
  • High blood pressure
  • Circulatory weakness
  • Cancer
  • Eczema
  • Infectious diseases

If you suffer from any of these conditions, thalassotherapy is generally not recommended. If you are still interested, please talk to your doctor first!

Both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea offer perfect conditions for thalassotherapy. However, fresh air is also considered part of thalassotherapy, so you should think carefully about the place where you spend your thalassotherapy. Places with direct access to the sea, without cars and with certified thalasso establishments often have the best characteristics to get the most out of your thalassotherapy.

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from respiratory or skin diseases. Clean air and targeted treatments from the field of Thalasso can ensure that symptoms are reduced. Various veterinary clinics and other establishments offer thalassotherapy treatments for dogs. However, scientific evidence for the effectiveness of thalassotherapy treatments for dogs is still lacking.

By definition, the original thalassotherapy can only take place near the sea, as the stimulating climate with its healing effect plays an absolutely central role here. Nevertheless, there are various oils, inhalation additives or similar components of treatments that you can buy and use at home. These do not replace the proper thalassotherapy by a trained or a trained thalassotherapist*in, but can still have a health-promoting effect.

Thalasso cures on Juist

Where is the best place for Thalasso on Juist?

Strictly speaking, everything on our small, narrow island is somehow Thalasso-related. You are never far from the sea on Juist and thus always very close to the healing aerosols. Due to the stimulating climate here on Töwerland, you are permanently exposed to all the elements. Feel how the sand in the wind "peels" your skin, how the salty air penetrates your sinuses, how the view of the sea and dunes relaxes you. On our small North Sea island Juist you will experience all facets of Thalasso pure. Due to the nature of the island, Juist is one big open-air thalasso center.

Thanks to the highly trained Thalasso experts in the wellness department of the TöwerVital, you will experience a very special Thalasso treatment on Juist. Surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the island and the fresh North Sea air, you dedicate yourself completely to your health. Together with our Thalasso team, you plan which treatments you would like to enjoy as part of your Thalasso cure on Juist. Besides inhalations and massages, peelings and baths are also very popular. No wonder: all these thalasso treatments give your body a real breather.

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Questions and interesting facts about Thalasso on the North Sea

Thalassotherapy is the specific treatment of the body with the natural raw materials and ingredients of the sea, for example, mud, sand, salt or water. Such treatments can be, for example, peelings, massages or other treatments.

Thalassotherapy has a detoxifying effect on the lungs through healthy aerosols, a strengthening effect on the bronchial tubes and a calming effect on the skin and nerves.

This is how you experience Thalasso on Juist:

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