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Find the Friendship for Life on Juist

Island Love

Longing for Töwerland

The most beautiful place on earth

Long sandy beaches on one side, wide and flat, flanked by dunes and the wonderful North Sea, on the other side the multi-faceted Wadden Sea, seemingly an eternity away from the stress of everyday life on the mainland, above you the blue sky, sometimes sprinkled with a few fluffy clouds, the point where the sea and the horizon kiss in the distance, a little wind blowing around your nose. Yes, Juist really is the most beautiful place on earth - at least in our absolutely non-objective opinion.

©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist
©  Inselgemeinde und Kurverwaltung Juist

Deceleration guaranteed

Your vacation on the most beautiful sandbank in the world

Right or left? Get on your bike or go on foot? Juist offers you a completely blank canvas to live out your vacation dreams. Explore the most beautiful corners of the island. Hike through the enchanted forest or take an extensive walk on the beach, cycle past enchanting dune landscapes and picturesque salt marshes, explore lonely stretches of land. Enjoy your vacation time at sunset with a drink in your hand. Look forward to culinary delights. Experience the festival atmosphere at concerts. Spend time with yourself, your family or your friends. Feel the connection to nature, reminisce, feel your emotions. In short: Make Juist your favorite island!

Tidal Juist

Where high and low tide determine life

The daily newspaper is only available after the first plane has landed, letters are only delivered after the arrival of the ferry, the excuse "Sorry, I can't come: I missed the ferry" really applies: Juist is located in the middle of the Wadden Sea and (apart from a flight or traveling with one of the express ferry) can only be reached by island ferry once or twice a day at the most.

Have you ever been to the harbor at low tide? Then you know why the big island ferry is so limited in its sailing times. The narrow channel between Norddeich pier and Juist harbor zigzags through the Wadden Sea, seemingly as thin as a thread. It takes some skill on the part of the captains to steer their craft safely from the mainland to the island.

Juist lives with this tidal dependence. Sure, it can be constricting at times, but above all, it's incredibly relaxing. You don't believe us? But you should! We are reminded that despite all the technical progress we humans have made, we are still only ... "guests" on earth. We have to submit to the natural force of the tides. Knowing that you won't get off the island anyway (medical emergencies excluded - we're keeping our fingers crossed that you never get into the situation of experiencing firsthand what it's like to have to be transported to the mainland by rescue helicopter) is incredibly relaxing. You can let go of the reins and just focus on being here, slowing down and relaxing.

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The island of Juist.

Vacation paradise in the Wadden Sea.

So many things to experience and to discover! A vacation on Juist is a very special experience that you don't want to miss. On the island, the clocks go a little differently, life is a little different. Juist is absolutely worth the experience!

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Island of pleasure.

Experience Töwerland enjoyment.

Love goes through the stomach. Why should this be different for food and pleasure than for romantic love with your partner? Taste your way through the restaurants on Juist, enjoy the tranquility of the island's cafes and tea houses, go out and partake in the island's nightlife.

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Shopping paradise.

Handmade and handpicked.

Let's not kid ourselves: We like to go shopping, we like to wander through the stores, we like to be inspired. Unlike on the mainland, Juist still offers unique products. Wonderful souvenirs and goods are waiting for you!

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Event Island.

Juist and its many, many events.

The whole day to see, to experience, to do things. In the high season you could spend the whole day going from one event to the next, from one experience to the next, but you certainly won't be bored in the low season either!

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Climate island.

Sustainability on Töwerland.

Sustainability is a significant part of vacationing on Juist. The thought of nature conservation is omnipresent when you enjoy your vacation on the island.

How to explore the island of Juist

Sonnenuntergang am Juister Strand ©  Lars Wehrmann

The Island

✓ History ✓ Culture ✓ Faces of the Island ✓ Location ✓ Name ✓ Fun Facts → Learn all there is to know about Juist!

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Food and Drinks

✓ Restaurants ✓ Fast food ✓ Ice cream parlors ✓ Cafés ✓ Tea house ✓ Pubs ✓ Bar → Enjoy these food and drink related offers during your stay on Juist!

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Shopping and Groceries

✓ Charming stores ✓ Boutiques with unique products ✓ Juist as the paradise for shoppers → Learn about the shops on Juist.

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Beach and Bathing

✓ Beach chairs ✓ Beaches ✓ Life guards ✓ 17 km long Juist beach → Spend your summer days at the most beautiful, natural beach!

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✓ Sustainable ✓ Climate-friendly ✓ Conscious travelling → All the info about sustainable travelling, climate-friendly accommodation, events and restaurants on Juist

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