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Find the Friendship for Life on Juist

Island Love

Experience the deep connection with an island

Unique, natural, magical

Why is Juist so fascinating? That is, of course, completely different for everyone. Perhaps you have decades of memories of Juist and have known the island since childhood. Maybe you are fascinated by the incomparable nature. Maybe it's the distance from everyday life that fascinates you about Juist. Your answer is different from that of any other guest. Here are a few of the often mentioned reasons why Juist triggers such an emotional response:

  • Juist is car-free. So you can enjoy peace, rest and relaxation with us.
  • Juist is a horse island. Even the garbage is picked up here by a horse-drawn carriage. The clatter of hooves is omnipresent.
  • When you walk on the beach, you have the feeling of an endless, unspoiled expanse in front of you.
  • Almost everything here follows the rhythm of the tides. Juist is closely connected and integrated with its nature.
  • Just 13 km and yet light years away from the mainland, Juist literally offers you distance from your everyday problems and worries.
©  Lars Wehrmann

The island of Juist.

Vacation paradise in the Wadden Sea.

So many things to experience and to discover! A vacation on Juist is a very special experience that you don't want to miss. On the island, the clocks go a little differently, life is a little different. Juist is absolutely worth the experience!

©  Lars Wehrmann

Island of pleasure.

Experience Töwerland enjoyment.

Love goes through the stomach. Why should this be different for food and pleasure than for romantic love with your partner? Taste your way through the restaurants on Juist, enjoy the tranquility of the island's cafes and tea houses, go out and partake in the island's nightlife.

©  Lars Wehrmann

Shopping paradise.

Handmade and handpicked.

Let's not kid ourselves: We like to go shopping, we like to wander through the stores, we like to be inspired. Unlike on the mainland, Juist still offers unique products. Wonderful souvenirs and goods are waiting for you!

Event Island.

Juist and its many, many events.

The whole day to see, to experience, to do things. In the high season you could spend the whole day going from one event to the next, from one experience to the next, but you certainly won't be bored in the low season either!

©  Lars Wehrmann

Climate island.

Sustainability on Töwerland.

Sustainability is a significant part of vacationing on Juist. The thought of nature conservation is omnipresent when you enjoy your vacation on the island.