Hotels and Guesthouses on Juist

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Hotels and guesthouses on Juist

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The accommodations are located on just 17 km. You can look forward to a wide selection of different accommodations. But they all have one thing in common: Every accommodation here on Töwerland Juist, the most beautiful sandbank in the world, welcomes you with love - friendship for life!

Here you will find a list of hotels and guesthouses on the island:

Hotels and guesthouses for every desire

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Modern, charming, full of future fantasies, filled with memories of the past: The hotels and guesthouses on Juist are as diverse as our guests are. Whatever is important to you during your vacation, the hotels and guesthouses on Juist offer you. Pool, sauna, wellness treatments, comfortable beds ...

Our guests especially appreciate these services and amenities in the hotels and guesthouses on Juist:

  • A personal contact person on site 
  • Balconies, terraces or gardens
  • View of the North Sea, the Wadden Sea or the dune landscape
  • Spacious rooms
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No matter how you imagine your dream accommodation on Juist: We're happy to help you find the most comfortable bed with the best view of the world's most beautiful sandbank.

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Frequently asked questions about hotels and guesthouses on Juist

On Juist, despite the small size of the island, there are several hotels and guesthouses. There is a suitable accommodation for every taste: some hotels and guesthouses on Juist focus on luxury, others on this feeling of "staying with friends".

Some of the hotels and guesthouses on Juist are classified according to official standards. However, this is not the case for all establishments. For cost reasons, it can make sense for a hotel or guesthouse on Juist not to be classified.

Although on Juist, after paying your guest fee, you can use the swimming pool at TöwerVital at a great discount, some hotels and guesthouses offer you your own swimming pool.

On Juist you can use the gym at TöwerVital, but if you prefer to train more privately, some of the hotels and guesthouses on Juist offer their own training areas or fitness rooms.

The offer of a hotel or a pension includes by definition that breakfast is offered. Therefore, you will receive a rich breakfast at all guesthouses and hotels on Juist. This is usually already included in the accommodation price.

It used to be that most hotels and guesthouses on the island offered the option of having breakfast in the house as well as dinner there - so a classic half board was often offered on Juist. This is no longer necessarily the case. Many guesthouses and hotels on Juist now only offer breakfast and are happy to give recommendations for restaurants for dinner.

Hotels on Juist that offer half board include:

  • Nordseehotel Freese
  • Hotel Friesenhof
  • Romantik Hotel Achterdiek
  • Hotel Pabst
  • Hotel Atlantic

Guesthouses on Juist that offer half board include:

  • Villa Charlotte
  • Fähringerhof

Juist is a small island, just 17 km long and 500 m wide (depending on the prevailing tide). So it is hardly surprising that most of the hotels and guesthouses are located in the middle of the small town center and can therefore rightly be called centrally located. The center of the island is not far from the port and the beach and offers many cafes, restaurants and stores.

Since Juist is a car-free island, it is relatively quiet almost everywhere. Some accommodations are of course more central and therefore a little less quiet than others.