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The Beach on Juist

17 km Freedom


This is the Juist beach

17 km feel like an endless expanse

"To the horizon and much further!": On the Juist beach you can sometimes have the feeling of being in a foreign world. So empty, so wide, so fascinatingly beautiful. So colorful in summer with splotches in the form of beach chairs and beach tents, so untouched and deserted in winter.

  • Enjoy the endless expanse - simply water, horizon and freedom wherever you look.
  • The Juist beach is a real bathing paradise, to a large extent, a natural bathing paradise with gently sloping beaches, tidal creeks and no groynes.
  • When you go swimming, you can rely on the safety of trained lifeguards during official bathing hours bathing hours
  • 17 km of finest sandy beach await you on Juist: perfect for swimming, building sandcastles, collecting shells or just relaxing in a beach chair.
  • But it can also be sporty! Of course, the beach sports offer is primarily for sweating and training in front of the breathtaking scenery of the beach on Juist (weather permitting).
  • Even the youngest children are taught to love the beach on Juist: During the children's entertainment small adventures are undertaken on the beach

Bathing paradise Juist

Summer, sun, beach!

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Splashing, frolicking, swimming and feeling the surf: that's what makes Juist a true bathing paradise.

On Töwerland, the water quality is measured regularly ... and, what can we say? We can always look forward to super values.

Nevertheless, on Juist, as everywhere else, there are rules for your protection. The currents off the island can be quite strong, so the following applies to everyone: Please only swim at the guarded beaches and only during the official bathing hours!

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Enjoy the Juist beach from a distance!

The wanderlust grows unceasingly.

If you can't be on Juist right now, but are still interested in what the beach looks like, what the last storm may have done, or whether the beach chairs are all still standing, take a look at the beach webcams.

Even more beach knowledge about Juist

Strandkörbe auf Juist am Strand ©  Lars Wehrmann

Beaches and Beach Chairs

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Rettungsturm auf Juist am Strand ©  Lars Wehrmann

Safety and Bathing Times

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