"Carlessness" on Juist

Car-Free Paradise: No Traffic Lights, no Traffic Jams, no Horns!

Shh, so much silence!

No cars, no exhaust fumes, no noise

Perfect world on Juist

Juist has one thing to offer above all - a lot of peace and quiet. Often all you hear is the wind, the waves and the clatter of horses' hooves, sometimes a bicycle bell or the toot that announces the arrival of the island ferry. The scenery is supported by the distant singing of birds, the laughter of children in a playground and the distant voices of a conversation.

Here, the clocks go a little differently. At high tide, a certain leisurely bustle sets in; at low tide, things quieten down again. Now hardly anyone comes or goes. Horse-drawn carriages pass through town, bicycles are parked, shopping is done. Everything in its own time. Slowly, without hurry. By bicycle or on foot.

On Juist there is no stress, hardly any appointments. Your inner clock sets the pace, because you don't have to follow the rush hour or the departure times of your train: when to wake up, when to eat, when to go for a walk and when to take a break.

Juist is car-free. No traffic jams clog the roads, no parked cars obscure the view, no smog endangers the climate, no honking horns disturb the silence. The streets on the island are safe, often empty unless a carriage or bicycle is driving along. Juist is a car-free paradise. Where else could you ever switch off so well and relax so profoundly?

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Horse island Juist

Hoofbeats everywhere!

On Juist we love our traditions. Thus, already in the 16th century there was a horse breeding on the island, in 1899 we had an island railroad pulled by horses and even today the carriages characterize the image of the island like almost nothing else! On Töwerland almost everything is transported by carriages - people, food, drinks, building materials, the products in stores ... Without the 2 horsepower (the most beautiful and photogenic engines in the world, we think!) nothing would work here. The 50 or so carriages and 100 or so horses are cab, bus, airport shuttle, truck and delivery man. All at the same time.

Oh yes, even the garbage is picked up by a horse-drawn carriage on the most beautiful sandbank in the world: specially made for the island and weighing about 1.7 tons, the garbage carriage is a really popular photo motif.

You want to explore the Töwerland? Then there is almost nothing better than a carriage ride. Some carriage companies offer rides through the town, others even across the beach. Both an absolutely unforgettable experience with an almost royal feeling. Whether from / to the airport or the harbor, through the town or along the beach - a carriage ride really rounds off your vacation on the horse island Juist!

Here you can find all information about our carriage companies on Juist:

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Loogster Pad 10
Schwips haulage firm Juist
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©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Bicycle island Juist

Jet across the island with the power of your own legs

17 km long: Juist is small and manageable. Perfect for excursions by bike. From the village or the Loog, you go right or left, east or west. You pedal, take a deep breath and just suck in the fresh air. Man, cycling on Juist is a lot of fun even for the biggest skeptics. It goes over pretty paths, past picturesque salt marshes and idyllic dune landscapes. No cars and hardly any mountains: Juist is made for cycling!

But, don't worry, the training effect is not neglected: Without any mountains worth mentioning, but often "blessed" with wind, cycling on Juist sometimes feels like a real challenge.

You can find the right bike at one of the Juist bike rentals:

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Bicycle car park at the Herrenpfad beach exit
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Wilhelmstr. 1
Fahrradverleih Juister InselRadgeber
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Mittelstraße 7b
Bicycle rental Juist Pirates Bikes
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©  Lars Wehrmann

But who has a car on Juist?

Exceptions for each rule

Well, one or the other car already exists on the island. But not everything is strictly speaking "cars".

However, for a few years now, e-bikes on the island have offered a good alternative for people with limited mobility to get from point A to point B. In addition, heavier loads can now be carried by cargo e-bikes wheel carts.

Everything else - from building materials, to trash, to drinks, to people - is transported by carriages.

If things have to move quickly, if an emergency arises ... yes, it's good to have cars here, too:

  • The two island doctors each have a car
  • The volunteer fire department has various emergency vehicles.
  • The rescue service also has emergency vehicles available.
  • The NLWKN (Niedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz - the State Office for Dune and Nature Protection) has a vehicle.
  • At the airfield and at the harbor, the available vehicles are used very sparsely.
  • The Deutsche Post runs its service with two electric vehicles.
  • The police drive an electric quad.

Nevertheless: Juist is and remains car-free. Töwerland is your calm, quiet, stress-free refuge that always welcomes you with open arms.

You should know all about Juist:

Seezeichen im Hafen auf Juist bei Nacht ©  Lars Wehrmann


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