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On the Töwerland Juist, the friendship for life

On Juist, numerous hotels, guesthouses, vacation apartments, apartments and vacation homes await you. Some accommodations on the island are rustic and cozy, some are modern and luxurious, some are personally run by their owners, others have the best panoramic view of the Wadden Sea, the dunes or even the beach, some are located in the center of town, others are quietly located beyond the town center.

So you see: Even on the "narrow towel" Juist there is a wide selection of different vacation apartments, vacation homes, hotels and guesthouses. There is something for every interest and every demand! Are you looking for an all-round carefree vacation or do you want a lot of privacy? No matter what your answer is: Book your vacation on the North Sea island of Juist now! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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At a glance:

Inspiring, oh so inspiring! You don't quite know yet whether it should be a vacation apartment or a hotel room? No problem! Let yourself be enchanted by the large selection of accommodations on Juist and find your dream retreat for your next dream vacation on Töwerland! And the best part?You'll book directly if you like what you see. So easy!

These are almost all accommodations on Juist - conveniently and clearly arranged for you:

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Hotels and guesthouses on Juist

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... and immediately the relaxation begins: as soon as you arrive at your hotel or pension, the staff or owners greet you, welcome you and are happy to have you with them. In a pension or a hotel on the island the day starts directly with a tasty breakfast - long and relaxing sleep of course included.

During a vacation in a hotel or pension on Juist you will feel deep deceleration, the distance from everyday life and look forward to a wonderful service throughout the day.

Vacation apartments and vacation homes on Juist

Book your very own vacation retreat at the North Sea.

Playing with the kids in the garden, enjoying cozy rainy days on your private balcony, sleeping in late and conjuring up gourmet menus in the comfort of your own kitchen: a vacation in a vacation apartment or vacation home on Juist is a great idea. You can expect a lot of freedom and free time.

Especially with a larger group - whether family or friends - a vacation apartment or a vacation home on Juist is a magical idea that becomes reality with just one booking.

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Accommodation service on Juist

Accommodation service of the Tourist Office Juist

What does your desired accommodation on Juist look like? Contact us and together we will find your vacation retreat on Juist!

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This is how you stay overnight on Juist:

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Hotels and Guesthouses

✓ Service ✓ Comfort ✓ Traditional ✓ With amazing views ✓ Modern → Learn about Juist's hotels and guesthouses and fit the perfect fit for your vacation!

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Holiday Appartements

✓ Private ✓ Undisturbed ✓ Luxurious ✓ Traditional ✓ For families ✓ Calm ✓ Beautiful →Fit your match with these holiday appartements on Juist!

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