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Mindfulness Days on Juist

A Week Full of Conscious Moments

What actually is mindfulness?

Experience mindfulness days on Juist

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness ... it is not so easily explained.

To be mindful means to be aware and attentive to the present, current moment. Being mindful means blocking out distractions and not digressing. Mindfulness has nothing to do with religion, spirituality or philosophy, but is limited to a state, deep within you. Through conscious mindfulness, you direct your thoughts into the here and now, mentally and physically you are fully aware and intentionally present. You are not thinking about the future or the past, because mindfulness has to do with accepting the moment without prejudice ... so completely neutrally.

That's not so easy, though. Mindfulness can guide us to a more satisfying life, but you have to take the first step. In the urban jungle and in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is certainly not so easy for you to be mindful. That's why our quiet North Sea island, when it starts to get colder, is perfect for being mindful.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

Mindfulness days on Juist

The magic island for conscious moments

The focus of the mindfulness days is on the conscious perception of space and time, on switching off and gaining distance. During the Juist Mindfulness Days, you will be offered various inspirational courses on the topic of mindfulness, which you can put together as you wish. In addition, there will be a kick-off event, two lectures, and usually a musical closing event. But that's not all: If you have booked your course within the framework of the Mindfulness Week, you will be pleased to receive an individual and personal mindfulness coaching if the contingents are available.

Morning courses of the Mindfulness Days

The morning courses of the Mindfulness Days take place Monday to Friday from 10:00 - 12:30. Let yourself be inspired! Four courses to choose from await you, all with their own unique focus on mindfulness and their own interpretation of healing moments. For example, among the most popular morning courses among former participants were "Living Consciously with All Your Senses" or "Zen, Meditation and QiGong." Each year we develop new, exciting courses to guide you on your journey to greater mindfulness.

In 2023, we will offer these special morning Mindfulness Days courses:

Afternoon courses of the Mindfulness Days

From Monday to Friday incl. in the time from 15:00 - 17:00 you take part in an afternoon course of the Mindfulness Days. You will feel how it becomes easier and lighter for you to be in the moment and how this knowledge sweetens your life. While some courses in the past have revolved around meditation or creativity, we have also been able to focus on relationships or humor. There's surely a perfectly feasible a class for you!

Here you can find the inspiring afternoon courses of the Mindfulness Days:

Lectures and events of the Mindfulness Days

The event program of the Mindfulness Days on Juist includes the informative kick-off event, during which you ask all your questions and the courses are presented.

Inspiring thoughts, contagious ideas and wonderful impulses that you will be only too happy to take into your everyday life: The two presentations as part of the Mindfulness Days are free of charge for you if you take a morning or afternoon course. Let yourself be captivated by the ideas of our speakers.

At the closing event on the last evening of the Mindfulness Days (also free of charge for you if you take a course), you will discover something new. Sometimes it is humorous, but never trivial cabaret, sometimes unknown, enchanting music.

Here you can find all events of the Mindfulness Days on Juist:

Mindfulness Coaching

A whole 30 minutes that are all about you. Your mindfulness coach and you embark on a journey together to find out what you can do in your life to be more mindful in the world. Ask any questions you have about mindfulness or anything else that is bothering you. If you have booked a Mindfulness Days course, a one-time Mindfulness Coaching session is included for you if contingencies are available.

To make an appointment for mindfulness coaching, please contact zv@juist.de or call us at +49(0)4935 809810.

These are our mindfulness coaches 2023:

All this you do for fitness and health on Juist:

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