Delivery services on Juist

It couldn't be more convenient: having food and drinks delivered

Delivery services on Juist

Have food and drink conveniently delivered directly to you!

Everything is a little different here: On the car-free island of Juist, the delivery services can of course not rely on motorized trucks or sprinters. No, instead, cargo bikes and bicycle carriages are used to deliver drinks and food directly to your doorstep. Fortunately, these are e-bikes, so pedaling against the wind is not quite so strenuous.

The delivery services on Juist make it even easier for you to enjoy your vacation, as they take the hassle out of lugging and carrying heavy crates of drinks or bulky groceries. Pretty practical, we think!

In addition to food and drinks, you can also have ready-made meals delivered to you on Juist if you get hungry or simply don't feel like going out.

And how does this work with the delivery services on Juist? It's simple: further down on this page you will find a list of all the businesses on Juist that offer a delivery service. Contact them directly and enter your order and your (vacation) address. And your ordered goods will find their way to you!

These businesses on Juist offer a delivery service: