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Sustainable Vacation on Juist

Sustainable Travel on Juist

Leave as few traces as possible

Sustainable travel to and on Juist

What does that actually mean?

We haven't found the perfect definition of "sustainable travel" for you yet. Everyone has such a different feeling about what that means, to travel as gently as possible. We believe that sustainable travel includes the idea of leaving hardly any traces behind - except footprints in the sand, of course.

Be aware of how you think: Do you want to experience as much as possible in as short a time as possible and check off items on your to-do list, or are you more concerned with understanding your vacation destination and enjoying it with every moment? After all, sustainable action starts with the right thinking. Travel slowly and consciously, notice every moment, feel the love for the moment.

Love your vacation spot, get to know every corner, develop a relationship with your place. Get to know the people behind the place, the unique culture and that indescribable feeling when you have found another home. Because what you love, you want to preserve. Protect. Consume little.

Love Juist, protect Juist

Our Juist protector tips for you

Saving the world is not something we can do alone, because we need your help. It's the little things. If you pay attention to these little things, you'll help us protect the most beautiful sandbank in the world.

Here are our top 9 Juist conservation tips:


Always dispose of your waste correctly - be it in your accommodation or when you are out and about. Don't throw cigarette butts into the botany and throw away your dog's waste. When you're out on the beach, pick up stray trash. Ingeneral, try to create little trash. Think about what you buy. Find your new favorite product and don't buy something you'll never use again.


Bring a water bottle . So you don't need to buy water in plastic bottles. Juist crane water is among the best of its kind with high purity and clarity. A recyclable cloth bag also makes a difference if it means you can do without plastic bags.


Please never leave the marked paths in the nature reserve and keep to it when certain places are not allowed to be entered, such as the Kalfamer in spring / summer during the breeding season.


If you haven't finished your meal in the restaurant, have the leftovers packed in climate-friendly reusable packaging if you have a kitchen in your accommodation. That way, we're doing something together to prevent food waste. When you go out to eat, you can also conveniently check beforehand whether regional products are offered that cause fewer emissions when delivered to Juist. In general, you can do without meat, which is more harmful to the environment than vegetables. Modern East Frisian cuisine is so full of aromas and flavors that you don't have to eat meat to feel like you're eating a full meal.


On site, you can also take a good look around and see if establishments have a seal. For example, some accommodations here are partners of the Wadden Sea National Park and adhere to strict sustainability standards in their processes.


Travel by train. This is quite easy to Norddeich-Mole from all over Germany. Otherwise, we ask you to compensate for your car journey. It is also important that you keep your luggage as light as possible - this is not only good for your back when you have to carry the suitcase, but also reduces CO2 emissions when traveling, because less has to be transported.


Please check in advance whether you need to print out your tickets or whether you can use them digitally. This way we can save paper together. For example, if you travel with the island ferry, it is sufficient if you can show an e-ticket .


Use the JuistWebApp, so you need to use less flyers and catalogs and can instead conveniently "store" the information in your pocket.


Save water and electricity. Ventilate correctly (a few minutes with the windows completely open and draught is best), heat properly and do not use more energy than at home. If you use a towel more than one day at home, you can do the same at the hotel.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

This is how you travel sustainably on Juist:

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