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Cafes and Tea Houses on Juist

Drinking Coffee and Tea on Töwerland Juist

Experience East Frisian serenity

Teetied, coffee break and rest on Juist!

Drinking coffee and tea on Juist

Cafes and tea houses on Juist

Imagine: You've been walking along the beach, your nose is running from the wind and you're really thirsty now - and a bit hungry too. Maybe you've been blown by the wind, the rain has caught you by surprise (sorry for that, but unfortunately we can't control the weather) and you're just longing for a warm drink. No problem at all!

There are plenty of charming little cafes and tea houses waiting for you on Juist. Just sink into a chair, enjoy the view and look forward to a cup of warming tea or coffee. Let yourself be tempted by a waffle, enjoy a piece of cake or get a delicious ice cream.

Here you can find all the cafes and tea houses on the island:

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Strandpromenade 5
Hohe Düne
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Ice cream parlors on Juist

Töwerhafter ice cream pleasure!

Summer, sun, beach ... What's missing? Oh yes, that's right! A delicious ice cream in your hand and always a look to the sky to ward off a hungry seagull. Juist has some delicious ice cream parlors to offer. Believe it or not, we went all out to try as many types of ice cream as possible for you. It was a pretty tough sacrifice.

Anyway, here's a list of all the ice cream parlors on Juist:

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Carl-Stegmann-Straße 5
Ice cream angel
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Wilhelmstr. 62
EisCaféBar Heiken
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East Frisian coziness and Juist charm

Have a nice tea

The East Frisians love their tea! They really celebrate tea time: There is a large pot of East Frisian tea (from which brand, that is a delicate question that we do not want to touch on here) on the teapot in original service with roses ("the East Frisian rose") and a small cup, plus Kluntje and Wulkje - rock candy and milk. But not just any way you like it. No, there is a very clear process that must be followed to guarantee perfect enjoyment!

A real East Frisian tea ceremony works like this:


The tea is infused and must infuse for at least five minutes.


With the "Kluntjezang" (tongs), a piece of candy is placed in the teacup - beware, the tongs are often so delicately crafted that it takes some practice to get "Kluntje" into the teacup without loss.


After that, the tea is poured in slowly (the cup should not be more than half full), but you should not stir. In the best case, the tip of the "Kluntje" still looks out from under the surface of the tea.


Let the cream slowly flow in at the inner rim of the cup, so thanks to the "Rohmlepel" (the cream spoon) a small cloud of cream will form around the Kluntje to the rim of the cup.


Still do not stir, please, but drink. So do not stir at all.


Three times can be poured tea with "Kluntje" and "Wulkje".


And you really only need the spoon to signal that you don't want any more tea by putting the spoon in the cup.

Today, you probably won't be thrown out of the teahouse if you make a faux pas, but in the past, East Frisians were known for not inviting "tea philistines" back to their homes a second time if the proper rules weren't followed.

What else is there on the island of Juist?

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