Exceptions of the Guest Fee on Juist

Exemptions and Special Tariffs

Special rates

of the guest fee on Juist

On Juist, the guest contribution is collected directly by the spa administration, not, as on other islands, via the hosts. Here you will find a list of all "exceptions" within the framework of the guest contribution - that is, all cases that do not have to pay the regular guest contribution.

Nevertheless, you have to visit us at the tourist information offices and have your ticket activated. Otherwise you won't be able to get on the ferry after your stay and it would be a pity to have to end your vacation with such an experience.

The following special cases exist:

The personal annual ToewerCard

For all Juist fans!

If you know right at the beginning of the year that you will be traveling to Juist several times a year, you should think about whether the Jahres-TöwerCard is something for you. Guests from the age of 14 pay a one-time fee of 144€ per year, guests under 14 pay a one-time fee of 72€ per year.

Let's calculate quickly - if you as an adult spend at least 30 nights during the high season or 48 nights during the low season on Juist, the purchase of an annual ToewerCard is worthwhile for you.

And how do you get this magic card? Just write a short email to our service team at service@juist.de and you will receive an application for the annual ToewerCard. We will be happy to clarify everything else with you.

Please note, however, that guest fees that have already been paid can no longer be credited, so apply for the Annual ToewerCard directly at the beginning of the new year. You must also always present your annual ToewerCard, otherwise you will have to pay the guest fee after all.

Exemptions for group travel

Quite simple and convenient, without worries!

Groups are also attracted to Juist again and again: school classes, vacation trips or educational vacations are twice as much fun on our beautiful island!

Since it can be stressful with a group - especially shortly before the departure of the ferry - we ask you to pay the guest fee for your group in advance. Either before arrival by e-mail, on arrival at the tourist information at the harbor or on site at the tourist information in the town hall: Just print out our form for group travel, fill in all the necessary information and pass it on to us.

This way you pay the guest fee for your entire group conveniently by invoice and don't have to wait long for your departure. So no stress!

Guest fee exemptions

Yes, there are those too!

Not everyone on Juist pays a guest contribution. The reasons for this are manifold. The guest contribution, as such, is a kind of tourist tax. Only guests pay for the maintenance of the tourist infrastructure.

Even if you are exempt from the guest contribution, you have to come to one of our tourist information offices to get your ticket activated. Please bring all the necessary certificates with you, so that we can make sure that you really do not have to pay a guest fee on Juist. Without a pre-activated ticket, you may not be allowed on the ferry in the worst case.


Guests with a degree of disability of 100%

Present your severely disabled pass at the tourist information office (don't forget your arrival and departure ticket!). Not only you, but also your registered companion are exempt from the guest fee.

Please note: You have to come to a tourist information office to have your guest contribution released, even if you don't have to pay anything. Only guests with a degree of disability of 100% and the person registered in the severely disabled ID are exempt from the guest contribution. All other guests must pay the regular guest fee.

If you would like to have your TöwerCard in advance, please send us your arrival and departure tickets as well as a copy of your severely handicapped ID with registered B with token and your address data by email to service@juist.de at least 21 days before arrival.


Further exemptions

Also exempt from the guest fee are

  • Children up to 5 years
  • The following relatives of persons who have their main residence on Juist or are employed by a company on the island - but only if they are staying in the same apartment
    • Grandparents
    • parents
    • children
    • Grandchildren
    • brothers and sisters
    • Daughters-in-law and sons-in-law
    • Brothers and sisters-in-law
    • Spouses and life partners
  • Accompanying persons of children's, youth or adult groups:
    • For every 10 group participants up to and including 17 years of age: 1 accompanying person
    • For every 15 group participants aged 18 and over: 1 accompanying person
  • Sailors and recreational boaters who have to enter the harbor for security reasons (e.g., in case of an accident or storm) - only for the duration of the security situation; the nature and duration of the security measures must be documented.
  • People who have to travel to the island on business or work here

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