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Reconvalescence on Juist

Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy

The perfect place to "reconvalesce"

Juist, the small island with a big effect

Just 17 km long, hardly more than 900 m wide (depending on the tide): That is the North Sea resort Juist. The healthy sea air on the island is perfect for you to breathe deeply, the refreshing sea water makes your skin beautiful, walking against the wind strengthens your circulation. Even the view of the sea and the untouched Juist nature creates a gentle deceleration.

All of this - these natural Juist conditions - together ensure that a cure on Juist is perfect for you just from the location alone. A reconvalescence on Juist is a good idea especially for these complaints:

  • For convalescence after infections
  • Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis or acne
  • For chronic diseases
  • For circulatory disorders
  • For states of exhaustion

Reconvalescence on Juist

Traditional seaside resort on Juist

Reconvalescence on Juist have been widely prescribed for over 150 years. You are setting yourself up for a stay on Juist that will not bring any side effects. Follow the great experience and the long tradition on Juist and feel the healing effects of the sea climate, because Juist is an official Thalasso North Sea resort - that means state-approved and thalasso-certified.

Juist's stimulating climate is widely known for its healing and health-promoting effects. Feel how your immune system is strengthened, how air, water, sun, wind and temperature interact. Breathe in the especially pure air, which is extremely dust-free and low in allergens. The high humidity, the salty and iodine-rich air will make you feel good, especially when walking on the beach at the surf zone.

©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann

This is how you reconvalesce on Juist:

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How to: Reconvalescence

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Health Services

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