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The Guest Fee on Juist

Guest fee on Juist with the Included Services

Tourist tax, spa tax ... guest fee!

Support the Töwerland with the small contribution.

Certified health resorts and seaside resorts are allowed to charge a fee from their guests according to the Lower Saxony Local Tax Act, which is used exclusively to keep the infrastructure running and to offer added value to the guests. This is also the case for us on Juist. Of course, we would prefer it if the money grew on trees (or on dune grass in our case) and we didn't have to charge you anything, but unfortunately that's not the case. We charge the guest fee to enable you to enjoy all the many amenities that make your stay on Juist so nice and relaxing.

Sometimes a free concert on the Kurplatz, sometimes an exciting course for your offspring, a discounted ticket for admission to the seawater adventure pool or free rental of equipment and toys for the beach. It adds up to quite a bit. You could spend an entire vacation just taking advantage of the services we offer as part of the guest contribution.

The benefits of the guest contribution on Juist

Beach, events, seawater adventure pool, gym, equipment and much more!

Ready? Then go for it! Here is a list of the most popular benefits as part of the guest contribution with us on Juist:

  • Free or discounted admission to the seawater adventure pool
  • Year-round free events in the Haus des Kurgastes and on the Kurplatz (e.g. Töwerland concerts, children's university "Sustainable Living", Juister Maizeit, various concerts and cabaret performances)
  • A wide range of free beach sports and children's entertainment events
  • Free vacation magazine "Friendship for life"
  • Monthly free calendar of events "De Strandlooper" from March/April to October and an information booklet in the low season
  • Free or discounted rental of board games and sports equipment (e.g. Nordic walking sticks or beach volleyball)
  • Lifeguards on the beach from May to October
  • Cleaning of the beach
  • Free use of spa facilities (e.g. billiards in the Haus des Kurgastes, Thalasso spa paths)
  • Maintenance of the Otto-Leege path and the boules courts
  • Free admission to art exhibitions in the Old Warmbad and in the Haus des Kurgastes

More Info regarding the guest fee

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