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Beach Garbage Box Kalfamer

An initiative of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park Authority built the beach rubbish bins on Juist. The idea behind it is quite simple: If I love the beach, I won't leave any rubbish there. So far, so good. After all, we all know what microplastics do to the sea and larger pieces of rubbish do to the animals on the island. But what if rubbish washes up or blows onto the beach? That's what the beach rubbish boxes are for: placed in a widely visible position on Juist at the beach crossings outside the main bathing beach (where there are already rubbish bins anyway), these beach rubbish bins offer a really large space for rubbish. By the way: flotsam such as wood or organic material such as seaweed can remain on the beach.
So, if you see rubbish, pack it up quickly and dispose of it correctly. In this way, you are actively helping to keep the beach as beautiful as it already is. Thank you very much for your commitment!
On Juist you will find seven separate locations of the beach rubbish boxes, here (sorted from west to east):

  • At the Billriff beach crossing
  • At the beach crossing at Domäne Bill
  • At the Hammersee beach crossing
  • At the Loogbauer beach crossing / Domäne Loog beach crossing
  • At the Wilhelmshöhe beach crossing
  • At the Flugplatz beach crossing
  • At the Kalfamer beach crossing



    • Environmental station

Beach Garbage Box Kalfamer

Strandübergang Kalfamer
26571 Juist


Kurverwaltung Juist

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Kurverwaltung Juist


Kurverwaltung Juist