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Loogbad Lifeguard Station - Lifeguard

A swim in the North Sea is a wonderful refreshment and a great experience, especially on summer days. It's really fun when the surf is strong and you can throw yourself into the waves. But no matter how the North Sea presents itself to us, a swim in the North Sea is never completely safe. To make sure nothing happens, our lifeguards are there for you. Up to 15 lifeguards from the spa administration are on hand at the main beach and in the Loogbad if anything should happen. To ensure that this always works, the head of the lifeguards on Juist - Habbo Schwips - constantly carries out drills with his team. Maybe you will experience such an important exercise.

Bathing rules

Respect the sea, the power and the unpredictability of the North Sea.

Therefore, please observe and follow all safety instructions:
Never go swimming alone.
<- Never overestimate your own strength.
- Do not be afraid to signal clearly for help if needed. It could save their lives.
- Observe bathing times.
- Never leave children unattended on the beach.

Inform yourself about bathing times.


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Die Rettungsstation der Rettungsschwimmer*innen im Loogbad finden Sie zentral am Badestrand. Sie sehen die Rettungsstation sofort, wenn Sie den Badestrand betreten.


Das Baden am Strand ist barrierefrei kaum möglich.


Loogbad Lifeguard Station - Lifeguard

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