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JuistArt - Art by the sea

Juist doesn't just spark creative ideas among guests! The islanders and the people of Juist can hardly contain their creative spirit. In any case, there is now a new gallery in the Haus des Kurgastes. But "gallery" is perhaps not the right word. JuistArt - Art by the Sea is a shop where you can buy real Juist artworks, photographs, driftwood art and much more! Run by three members of the Juist art scene - Tim Köhler, Manfred Bone and Martina Bone - JuistArt invites you to take a little stroll through the island's art 
Let yourself be inspired by the creative gift items, browse through handmade items and marvel at the beautiful photographs: all with a Juist connection, of course! 


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JuistArt befindet sich im Haus des Kurgastes, das sich wiederum auf einer der höchsten Dünen der Insel befindet. Hierhin führen Wege mit großer Steigung. JuistArt selbst ist ebenerdig erreichbar.


JuistArt - Art by the sea

Strandpromenade 6
26571 Juist


Kurverwaltung Juist

Strandstrasse 5
D-26571 Nordseebad Juist

https://www.juist.de/ 04935 809 800 service@juist.de


Kurverwaltung Juist


Kurverwaltung Juist