©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist
©  (c) Nationalpark-Haus Juist

Information hut at the Kalfamer

The natural forces that shape the unique landscape of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and slowly erode the dunes at the west end create new land here at the east end of Juist. Thus the Kalfamer is the youngest part of the island of Juist, a naturally dynamic landscape that invites you to let your gaze wander. The observation platform with a permanently installed telescope offers a good view over dunes, salt marshes and the tidal flat beach. The information boards at the information hut provide interesting details about the area. Not only people find peace and solitude here, the eastern tip is a retreat for many birds that breed and rest here. Therefore, in order to protect the flora and fauna, the paths should not be left. The pathway that leads all the way to the eastern tip may only be accessed from 1 August to 31 March.
For those who want to learn more about the Wadden Sea habitat and its inhabitants, a visit to the centrally located Juist National Park House is recommended.


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Vom Flugplatz führt ein Wanderweg bis zum Ostende der Insel.


Vom Flugplatz führt ein Wanderweg bis zum Ostende der Insel. Unterschiedliche Naturuntergründe und Unebenheiten machen eine Erreichbarkeit für Rollstühle schwierig.
Der Zuweg vom Flugplatz ist weniger als 1 km lang.


Information hut at the Kalfamer

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Kurverwaltung Juist

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Kurverwaltung Juist


Kurverwaltung Juist