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Alter Bahnhof

A railway station on Juist? Yes, once upon a time. A railway ran across the island until 1936.
Today, the building complex on the south side of the spa square houses a restaurant and the National Park House. After years of provisional arrangements for the handling of arriving and departing guests, and after the tourism business took on ever greater dimensions, a contemporary solution to the railway station problem became increasingly urgent. Parallel to the construction of the new station in 1936, the improvement of the arrival and departure conditions at the jetty as well as the renewal of the island railway carriages took place.
Never the less: as a relic of the old days the Old Juist Station welcomes you upon your arrival.
For those who are even more interested in the Old Juist Station, a visit to the website of the Association of German Art Historians is recommended.


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Den Alten Bahnhof finden Sie mitten im Ortskern am Kurplatz.


Den Alten Bahnhof finden Sie mitten im Ortskern am Kurplatz. Der Alte Bahnhof ist für Rollstuhlfahrende problemlos erreichbar. 


Alter Bahnhof

Bahnhofstr. 5
26571 Juist

+49 4935 809800 service@juist.de


Kurverwaltung Juist

Strandstrasse 5
D-26571 Nordseebad Juist

https://www.juist.de/ 04935 809 800 service@juist.de


Kurverwaltung Juist


Kurverwaltung Juist