©  CC BY Lars Wehrmann

The most beautiful walks for man and dog: Through the woods

Put on your hiking boots and lace them up, fasten your collar, pack provisions for man and beast and off you go! Start at the dyke embankment and turn west. Follow the Bill road through the Loog and up to the entrance to the grove. There you set off along the sandy paths, past the enchanting trees. You might even see a deer. Who knows? Please remember that you are in a national park, keep your dog on a leash and be respectful of the animals and plants. It goes without saying that you keep your dog on a short leash so that your four-legged friend doesn't chase the deer, that you pick up the dog's droppings and that you stay on the paths. So you take a relaxed walk through the woods and then head east to get back to the dyke embankment through the Loog and the village.