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The Event Highlights on Juist

Not an Easy Decision

Töwerland concerts


One week, one band, one great atmosphere! And the following week, a new band with a different style performs for you. The Töwerland concerts from June to the end of September promise you two concerts a day on the Kurplatz or in the Haus des Kurgastes. The performing artists are passionate about making music - sometimes you'll get to hear modern jazz for a week, sometimes folk, ballads or cover songs. Of course, classical music is not to be missed either. Let yourself be enchanted. Stop for a moment, sit down on one of the benches on Kurplatz. Take a deep breath and simply listen to the music for a few minutes. The Töwerland concerts bring a breath of fresh air to the island, delighting spectators and Juisters alike. It is not uncommon for children to dance along, adults close their eyes and let themselves be carried away into musical worlds.

After the spa orchestra on Juist enchanted Juist fans for over thirty years, a new era began in 2022, because the Töwerland concerts are by no means intended to replace the beloved spa orchestra, but to bring about a change. In 2023, the concept was able to really prove itself and there was wonderful feedback from enthusiastic listeners.

Program of the Töwerland Concerts 2024

A new season means: new bands are coming to Juist! These hand-picked musicians usually play for you twice a day and inspire you with their voices, their instruments and their choice of music.

All information about the bands at the Töwerland concerts can be found here:

©  CC BY Casanova Society Orchestra
Casanova Society Orchestra: Töwerland Concerts
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Töwerland concerts: Gerrit Ackermann and Amina
©  (c) Julia Buch Trio
Julia Buch Trio: Töwerland Concerts
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Gabriel Zanetti Duo: Töwerland concerts
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The Töwerland concerts in recent years

A short review

We were able to experience wonderful moments. And we are so grateful for that! Listeners have stood in the rain and listened to the wonderful music, bands and audiences have made pilgrimages to the Haus des Kurgastes in storms and rain and we can hardly count the many cozy evenings with masterful musical accompaniment and blissful smiles on our faces!

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Casanova Society Orchestra
©  Kurverwaltung Juist
Daniel Ferrer
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David Beta
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Johna & Sinha - Pure Vocals
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Luna Soul