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Offer for young people: Baking bread on sticks and mixing non-alcoholic cocktails (from 12 years)

27.06.2023 - 20.08.2024

Who wants to go again, who hasn't yet? Today we have something special for you, because we are very happy to present you an evening at the beach. Together we will mix non-alcoholic cocktails. We'll try our hand at unfamiliar, new mixes and do our best to put a new spin on tried and tested classics. Does that sound good? Of course, after all that work there's also something tasty to eat, because we're grilling stick bread on the beach. There will also be one or two (maybe even scary) stories, if you feel like it.

It is important to know that this offer is only suitable for young people aged 12 and over. Please register in advance at the Tourist Information in the Town Hall so that we know how much we have to buy.

Dates 2024: 

  • 25.06.
  • 09.07.
  • 23.07.
  • 06.08.
  • 20.08.
Each time from 20:00 - 22:00