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Motto party on the beach

29.06.2024 - 25.08.2024

Psst, it's still a secret!
Directly on the beach, motto parties will take place in summer 2024. Party like in the 80s? Neon party? Let's see what kind of themes we come up with. We don't want to reveal too much yet, so that it will be exciting.
Look forward to balmy evenings, good music and the best atmosphere at the theme parties on Juist directly on the beach. We don't have all the information yet, but as soon as we do, we will of course inform you here. 
These dates are good to remember: 

  • 29.06.
  • 27.07.
  • 24.08.
 ... each from 21:30 and until 00:30. 

By the way
The party is from 18 years. There is no entrance fee. You can buy food and drinks on site. In case of rain or storm the party has to be cancelled.